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Deck Safety

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At Archadeck of Nashville, we know that your deck is not just for show — it’s a well-used part of your home! Your go-to spot for grilling, watching sunsets, enjoying a glass of wine or a meal with family and friends. The deck is your quick getaway for a wide variety of reasons and occasions. That is why we want to ensure that you can truly enjoy your deck and not have to be concerned about the soundness of its structure. The LAST thing you need lurking in the back of your mind is whether or not it is safe to have over friends, or invite the whole family for a barbeque. A deck with potential hazards can be costly and dangerous. Wobbly railings are an accident waiting to happen with small children running around, and uneven steps are an invitation for trouble when grandma comes to visit. Tripping, falling, and even collapses are very real and scary concerns. Do not wait until someone gets injured, or until a property appraisal forces you to make the updates that needed to be completed years earlier. Think you might have some misgivings about the state of your deck? Remember our BE SAFER acronym to do a quick check and call the friendly people at Archadeck of Nashville to book an inspection today. Not only will we send over a professional to make sure that your deck is sound, but, should problems arise, we can address the hazards — and even build you a new deck.


Sure, some wear is expected; but is the overall state of the wood solid? Is there excessive splintering and cracking?

Every Connection

How are the fasteners and connectors? Check all that you can see for strength and stability. Are they still firmly attached, or are they becoming loose? Were the correct fasteners used? Do they look as if they are in decent shape, or are they rusted to the point of being a crumbly mess?


Look at all the beams, joints, and posts that you can see. Are they still sound, or are they sagging? This is the framework of your deck — it needs to be strong.


The house band is the area where the deck attaches to your house, and is also the area where we tend to see the most deck failures. Make sure that it is screwed or bolted in place; NOT nailed. Also be sure to check that it has been properly flashed for wet weather.


These support a deck’s weight and columns, so if they are crumbly, sinking, or sagging, that is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed.


Where do people exit your deck? Is the entrance to your home level, or is there a dangerous lip? Are there stairs going down to a yard or lower level? Are they secure, evenly spaced and still in decent shape? Falling on one level ground is bad enough, but taking a spill from a height can be catastrophic.


Are the rail posts and railings fastened securely? How about the balusters and pickets? Are they well-spaced, or more than four inches apart?

Whether you are anxious about specific safety point of your deck, or simply have a vague sense of disquiet and suspect that something might not be quite right, call or click today and have the folks at Archadeck of Nashville put your fears to rest.