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Hurry! You May Still Have Time to Get “an Archadeck Deck” by Spring

It’s time to be very direct: To have a fabulous deck by spring, you must start the process now. Why now, in January? If you happen to have experience in project management, then you know the importance of planning ahead. That includes allowing more time than you think you might need to complete the project. Designing and building high-quality decks is no different.

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When temperatures start to warm up, you’ll wake up one day and realize deck weather has arrived. Will your new deck be ready to enjoy by spring? The likelihood will be greater if you call Archadeck of Fort Wayne to get started now.

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Why It’s SO Important to Call Us Now for a Deck by Spring

With Archadeck, deck building involves a lot more than just building decks. We custom design every deck we build, and the design phase can take several iterations. We produce 3-D renderings needed by the local building department and by our crew. We obtain building permits, and we must allow time for obtaining HOA approval if needed. We order materials and, even though we use reliable vendors, we are currently experiencing delays on certain materials during the pandemic.

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Each step in the process can go smoothly—or can get hung up in delays. Circumstances beyond our control, including materials shortages and weather delays, can affect the completion date of your project. It may only take us two or three weeks to build your deck, depending on complexity, once we arrive with materials and a crew. However, we have to factor in a lot more than two or three weeks for the entire process, start-to-finish.

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Archadeck is known for the quality of our work, our thorough process and our attention to detail. We don’t take shortcuts. What’s more, like all of the most reputable contractors, we always have a backlog of projects. The sooner you contact us to get started, the sooner we can add your project to our schedule—with an eye to completing it by spring.

Why You Should Choose Archadeck and TimberTech/AZEK Now

If you’re interested in a low-maintenance deck built with composite or synthetic decking, you’ll definitely be interested in Archadeck’s new partnership with TimberTech/AZEK. When you hire Archadeck and choose TimberTech or TimberTech AZEK for your decking boards, you’ll get an unprecedented labor warranty.

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That’s right, a labor warranty—and we’re not talking short-term. You may know that TimberTech offers generous manufacturer’s warranties on their decking products. Now, Archadeck will match those warranties on TimberTech and TimberTech AZEK materials with concurrent warranties on labor.

What does that mean? If you have a problem with your Archadeck/TimberTech deck, and that problem is covered under TimberTech’s warranty, Archadeck’s labor to remedy the problem is also covered. No other deck contractor can offer you this level of protection for your investment in a deck. Only Archadeck has this partnership with TimberTech.

Key Details of the Archadeck/TimberTech/AZEK Partnership

TimberTech AZEK: Lifetime limited product warranty. Archadeck’s matching labor warranty: Lifetime.

TimberTech Pro: 30-year limited product warranty. Archadeck’s matching labor warranty: 30 years.

TimberTech Edge: 25-year limited product warranty. Archadeck’s matching labor warranty: 25 years. These extensive labor warranties cover Archadeck’s repair or replacement work needed if your deck fails for any reason that’s covered by TimberTech’s limited product warranty.

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Why would you choose any company other than Archadeck to design and build your low-maintenance deck? You will not get this peace of mind with anyone else. Not even with TimberTech Gold or Platinum contractors, who only offer a 5 to 7-year replacement labor warranty. Compare that to Archadeck’s new labor warranties of 25 years, 30 years or lifetime, depending on which TimberTech product we use to build your deck.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier designer and builder of beautiful, high-quality outdoor living spaces. If you are interested in learning how we can design the perfect deck for your home, contact us to get started.

Craig Whitman

-- Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.