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Crystal Lake Composite deck & patio design

Let’s get into the details of this composite deck & patio design in Crystal Lake, IL

The combination of this composite deck and patio in Crystal Lake, IL work so well together. Deciding whether you want a deck or patio is a hard choice and takes a lot of thought and consideration. When you find a company that is able to design & build both decks and patios you’re able to design outdoor living space with one or the other or both! Archadeck of Chicagoland builds both decks & patios, so you don’t have to find multiple companies for your outdoor living project.

timbertech brown oak deck with belgard patio

Let’s get into the details of this Crystal Lake, IL TimberTech Deck & Patio!

Composite deck

This deck is made of Timbertechs composite decking in the shade of dark roast. One of the major benefits of building your deck with composite decking is that the material is low-maintenance. This deck will never have to be power washed, sanded, sealed, stained, or painted, the color you chose is the color you get for the lifetime of the deck. This deck features a horizontal decking pattern which is an Archadeck standard to ensure a strong decking floor

wide staircase composite deck designBlack Contemporary Rails

This deck design features a black railing system. Choosing a dark rail color gives the deck a modern look. Black rails are a great choice if you are looking to have your deck blend into your space, and give a different element of your yard the spotlight. The black rails are paired with black square aluminum pickets which are a great option if you’re looking to keep an open view into your yard. The aluminum pickets are thinner than a traditional wood picket and they are a great option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance railing option. Both the rails and pickets will maintain their color for the life of the deck without any staining, sanding, or sealing.

Solid Board Skirting with wire mesh

Solid board skirting gives your deck a clean and finished look. By closing off the underneath of your deck, you aren’t able to see what’s below. A benefit of this is the skirting itself helps to keep out critters and Archadeck of Chicagoland goes an extra step and has the option of installing a wire mesh around the deck to also help keep out unwanted critters. The solid board skirting is made of TimberTech decking as well and will not need to be stained, sealed, or painted.

Wide Stair Case

One element of design people tend to forget about is the staircase design. This wide staircase is a stunning addition to this Crystal Lake deck. Widening the stairs opens your view and creates an open entry down to the paver patio. This is one way to transition two separate spaces together. It’s a gorgeous look and allows multiple access points to the patio or deck.

Belgard Paver Patio

The patio is made of Belgards Lafitt Rustic Slab pavers in the shade Danville Beige. These pavers give you a modern look and the texture is created to match closely to a natural cut slate. These stones are large-scale in size and the pattern is random. By adding a patio to the deck you have a seamless transition into patio paver with firepityour yard.

Soldier’s course

A soldier’s course is a great way to add dimension to your patio design. This process includes laying paver stones with their longest edge touching and the shortest edge touching the main paver stones. It creates a border around your patio and adds a gorgeous design element that is visually appealing. It’s up to you whether you want to match the color exactly to your main patio stone, a lot of clients like to add a pop of color and use a darker shade for their soldier’s course.

Weston Seat wall

Adding a seat wall to your patio adds visual appeal, extra seating, and a retaining wall to your design. This Belgard Weston stone is made to look like natural stone and there are multiple color options and design opportunities with this wall style. A seat wall is great around a fire pit because it adds extra seating and provides space to place food or drinks.

Weston Wall Gas Fire pit with glass beads

A fire pit adds a gathering spot to your outdoor space and it extends the amount of time you can spend enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Fire pits are great for separating your living spaces and adding extra comfort to your patio on chillier summer nights. This fire pit has glass beads that illuminate in the summer sun and give your space a modern feel.

Crystal Lake deck patio

If you’ve been thinking of adding a paver patio or composite deck to your outdoor living space, Archadeck of Chicagoland would be happy to help! Click here to get started and send in an online inquiry.