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Why Are Screened In Porches So Popular?

Screened porches are wildly popular outdoor living spaces in the Charlotte area.

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What makes screened porches a top choice, not just in Charlotte, but in both Carolinas? Is it style? What about comfort and usability? Both those things make screened in porches a fantastic option for a new outdoor living space! Let’s discuss a few key points of screened porches.

Do screened in porches keep bugs away?

Screened porches absolutely offer protection from bugs, winged or crawling. While a screened porch will not prevent 100% of the bug population from getting into your personal space, screens are a very effective deterrent. Some small, crawling bugs might find their way inside, but fliers will probably come in mostly through an open door.

Are screened in porches warmer?

In hot summer sun, a screened porch could be cooler than your open-air patio or deck, because the roof offers some protection from direct sunlight. Compared to an open porch, screened porches may be slightly warmer due to the screens enclosing the space. 3-season rooms provide the most warmth with the vinyl windows providing a more enclosed space that can block out winds. In the winter a screen porch will be cooler than a 3-season room, which can encapsulate sunlight on cool days.

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Can you winterize a screened porch?

Screened in porches provide a covered space to enjoy fresh air, the smells of nature, and an outdoor space that feels like the indoors. With that said, many homeowners ask if they can enjoy screened porches year-round. Because Charlotte has mild weather the potential to winterize a screened porch is an option with outdoor fireplaces, porch heaters, or upgrading to vinyl windows. Both a fireplace and porch heaters create warmth and ambiance to your porch, allowing you to enjoy time outdoors on chilly days, while vinyl windows transform your screened porch into a 3-season room. If you’re considering upgrading your porch conversions are a popular service in Charlotte.

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screened porch in Charlotte

Who can help with screened in porch ideas?

At Archadeck, we pride ourselves on our 40 years of business in the Charlotte market and unparalleled design and build expertise. Our team is dedicated to helping clients bring their visions to life and enhance their outdoor living spaces. We build screened-in porches, decks, patios, open porches, 3-season rooms, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and more. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations and create a gathering space for your family and friends. Trust Archadeck to transform your outdoor living experience.

Search for screened in porches and choose Archadeck to build your covered deck!

Archadeck of Charlotte has been a porch builder since 1988. We serve the Charlotte metro area, including South Carolina. Our Design Consultants are eager to assist you with an ideal screened in porch design for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Call 704-944-1350 for your complimentary screened porch design consultation today.

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