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How Long Should a Screen In Porch Last?

If you are considering a custom screen porch for your home, you might wonder how long your outdoor space will last before needing repairs.

This question cannot be answered without considering a few factors. Firstly, you must consider the company you hire to build your screened in porch. Second to that, will be the types of materials used to construct the porch, and there are many materials utilized during the construction of such a space. Following is an outline of the requirements of building a long-lasting screened in porch.

new screened in porch in Charlotte

Choosing a Screen Porch Contractor

When considering adding a screened in porch to your home, it’s important to choose a contractor who is not only highly rated but experienced, reliable, and uses high-quality building materials. Most people search for local porch contractors who have been in business for several years. From there, you will want to check for licenses and insurance to ensure that you’re protected in case of accidents. Another important factor is if your contractor warrants their work. Most reputable contractors offer workmanship and structural warranties. Because a screen porch is a major investment in your home, it’s important to find a screen porch contractor who uses high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting build. Finding a reliable contractor starts with a bit of research to qualify your contractor.

What materials are commonly used in screened in porch construction?

The structure of a screened in porch will be constructed with pressure-treated wood, but finish elements might include materials other than wood. Different contractors might offer different brands of finish materials to construct a screened in porch. At Archadeck, we often use TimberTech AZEK building materials for our porches. This includes composite porch flooring and porch trim that are not just low-maintenance but are also warranted for decades. If pressure-treated wood is used in place of composite materials, you can expect heavier maintenance and a porch that will require repairs in less time.

You must also consider the quality of the roof being built for your screened porch. Archadeck of Charlotte builds screen porches with full roofs, which include shingles that match or coordinate with the existing home. While many homeowners love the idea of using basic tin sheathing on their rustic-inspired screen porch, this material will not provide longevity like the roofs we construct.

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How long should the screen in your porch last?

After that, the obvious consideration is porch screening. There are many brands and materials to choose from, including polyester, fiberglass, and metal. Archadeck of Charlotte uses high-quality SCREENEZE® porch screens, which provide 10-year Limited Warranty When you screen in a porch, the screens are fairly durable to wind, weather, & outdoor conditions, but of course harsh storms, accidents, or mistreatment can cause your screens to damage.

Final Verdict on Longevity of Screen Porches

Porches can last anywhere from a few years to decades and more. The longevity of screen porches depends heavily on who builds them, what materials they use, and the warranties provided. Screen in porches are attachments to your home and therefore require professional and highly skilled carpenters to ensure a long-lasting space. Ensuring they are using high-quality materials will eliminate your worry of constant issues and warranties provide you with peace of mind knowing things happen out of our control.

Search screen porch builders near me and choose Archadeck of Charlotte.

Archadeck of Charlotte has been a trusted screen porch builder in Charlotte since 1988. We build truly custom screen porches of all shapes and sizes, tailored to each client’s outdoor living needs and budget requirements. Call us at (704) 850-6104 to schedule your complimentary screen porch design consultation.

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