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Pet-friendly Charlotte outdoor living – it’s a thing!

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we strive to build ideal outdoor living spaces for the whole family to enjoy, including the family pet. What are the advantages of having pet-friendly outdoor living areas?

Pet Friendly Charlotte Screened Porch Builder

Our current Charlotte area climate is encouraging us all to spend time outdoors. With daytime temperatures in the 60’s and ’70s in January, we all want to break free of the confines of our homes and take in fresh air and sunshine. This is no different for our family pet(s). Our beloved fur family members also need safe outdoor spaces to get fresh air and exercise. There are advantages to the types of outdoor living spaces that we build, which can be beneficial for your four-legged residents!

Charlotte patios are a great solution for having a pet-friendly outdoor living area. They are great spaces, whether covered or open, for our pets to enjoy being outdoors. The wonderful thing about having random warm days in the winter months in Charlotte is that the whole family can enjoy a patio area, especially a covered space with an outdoor fireplace. If you have a fenced backyard, your dog can laze on the patio unattended, and come in when he is ready. Another great thing about having a patio right outside your back door, or by the doggy door, is that you have a spot for cleaning grubby paws after Fido takes his potty break or plays in the yard. This is especially important when we see a lot of rain, as we have recently.

Pet Friendly Outdoor Living Outdoor Fireplace by Archadeck of Charlotte
Clark Kent enjoys time in his favorite outdoor living space!

The intermittent mild winter weather in the Charlotte area lends itself to a bit of wintertime deck living. A low-maintenance Trex deck is the perfect spot for our pets to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, even in lower temperatures than we humans prefer. The beauty of Trex composite decks is that even if our pets carry mud or dirt from the yard, griminess is easily sprayed off or wiped up!

Pet Friendly Charlotte Trex Deck in Huntersville NC
This Trex deck is a perfect spot for the family pet to get fresh air and sunshine!

Charlotte screened porches offer the whole family more opportunities to be outdoors this time of year! Protected from the elements, allowing fresh air to flow throughout, screened porches are a great way to steal more hours outdoors each year! This also applies to our family pets. Having a pet-friendly space is so important to some of our clients, they even put a doggy door in their screen porch, so their dog can access the yard, and come back inside when he’s ready. Having a screened porch can also keep your pet safely enclosed while giving him time to get fresh air each day. We will plan the perfect screened porch for your family, including your furry family members!

Pet Friendly Charlotte Screened Porch by Archadeck of Charlotte
A choice of fresh air and sunshine or a comfortably enclosed screened porch suits this family’s dog perfectly!

No matter your design and usage preferences or requirements for your perfect family and pet-friendly outdoor living space, we’ve got you covered! Whether it’s a travertine patio, Trex deck, screened porch, or a combination of spaces, Archadeck of Charlotte will work with you to design the perfect outdoor living area that your entire family can enjoy throughout the year!

Pet Friendly Charlotte Travertine Patio in Rock Hill SC
This Brussels Griffon loves his travertine patio in Rock Hill, SC!

If you are ready to talk about your ideal pet-friendly outdoor living space, give us a call for a free design consultation at (704) 850-6104 and a Design Consultant will contact you promptly.