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Enhance your quality of living outdoors with multiple outdoor living spaces.

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we believe there is a perfect outdoor living design for every family, but all spaces do not accommodate each family or family member the same. Extend your family’s use of your outdoor living area by having more than one space!

When it comes to planning your ideal outdoor living space, you have likely put a lot of thought into how you might get the best use of it. You have probably saved and budgeted, and considered the many options for a single outdoor living area, but have you considered how much more use your family will have with a combination of outdoor areas? Allow Archadeck of Charlotte to design your dream outdoor living combination – build the right spaces for your family’s outdoor living needs the first time!

Multiple Outdoor Living Space Screened Porch Pergola Hot Tub Deck Firethorne Waxhaw NC
This home has amenities abound with a screened porch, pergola-covered deck, open deck, and a hot tub deck on the lower level for virtually endless outdoor living opportunities!

Multiple Outdoor Living Spaces Charlotte NC Deck and Screened Porch
This sunroom and deck offer opportunities for entertaining guests or private relaxation.

Outdoor living combinations are becoming more popular these days, as families realize that they can get multiple uses of the spaces or utilize them as one expansive space. Archadeck of Charlotte can help you assess your outdoor living needs to plan, design, and build the perfect outdoor living combination for your family and your specific needs. The sunroom and Trex composite deck pictured above, offer opportunities for family members and guests to enjoy the spaces at the same time, but in different capacities. We envision the ladies with a glass of wine in-hand after dinner inside the screened porch, while the gentlemen enjoy their own after-dinner drinks and cigars on the deck. How do you see yourself living in these beautiful spaces?

This family chose two decks and a screened porch for their outdoor living combination. With multiple outdoor living areas, these homeowners can host one large get-together, with multiple activities for different family members and guests at the same time. For instance, the adults dine on the grill deck while the younger guests convene inside the screened porch for dining and board games, or even group video gaming on their portable devices. Separation of indoor/outdoor areas can give kids and teens an area for raucous party-going while the adults converse around the fire pit on the lower deck after dinner! Whether it’s quiet evenings at home, or holidays or birthdays, this family is equipped to achieve ultimate outdoor living with three distinct living areas!

Multiple Outdoor Living Spaces Charlotte Open Porch and Patio
This beautiful combination of spaces, an open porch, covered patio, and an open patio with an outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen, offers multiple outdoor living uses!

The photo above is an exemplary representation of achieving great heights in outdoor living. Can you imagine cooking and dining on this spacious paver patio, and then retiring for drinks by the outdoor fireplace? How about a family game night on the second story open porch, or a poker or euchre night with friends? What about the ultimate ladies’ night, where the gentlemen serve dinner and drinks? All these things and so much more are possible when you expand your outdoor living horizons to include multiple outdoor living areas!

Multiple Outdoor Living Spaces in Waxhaw NC Firethorn
Waxhaw NC outdoor living never looked so good – opportunities for social gatherings and private relaxation are all addressed in this outdoor living combination!

This beautiful, expansive outdoor living combination offers a screened porch and pergola-covered deck, connected by a small deck and extra-wide stair. This expansive paver patio space offers areas for visiting with friends and family for conversation or even relaxing in hammocks. We imagine parents unwinding or reading quietly on the patio, while the kids gather under the pergola for games or school projects. This Firethorne family imagined how they would live best outdoors, and we gave them spaces to accommodate all their entertaining and private outdoor living needs!

At Archadeck of Charlotte, our goal is to design and build your personal ideal in outdoor living for the first time. We don’t want to offer you only a deck or patio when you believe you would have better use of a deck and patio or any other combination of outdoor living spaces. We will build your dream outdoor living combination, perfect for your home, family, and outdoor living style.

If you are ready to talk about your outdoor living goals with multiple outdoor living areas, give us a call for a free design consultation at (704) 850-6104 and a Design Consultant will contact you promptly.