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How much would it cost to integrate an outdoor fireplace into my screen porch or covered patio?

Cozy custom screened porch with outdoor fireplace

How much should it cost to integrate an outdoor fireplace into a screen porch or covered patio?

That depends on several factors but we will attempt to provide a detailed answer. If the outdoor fireplace is going to be wood burning, stone, have a hearth and a mantle and be designed into a roof cover, you can plan on average of adding $10,000 – $15,000 depending on the height necessary to meet building code. We have to build fireplace chimneys 2’ higher that the closest peak of your home within 10’ from the chimney. The price variance is due to the height of the overall fireplace especially if your porch is built up on a deck.

If the fireplace in going be gas powered with gas logs, there is no need for a chimney but it does require a special stainless steel framing and firebox that meets the new building codes. On average, you will spend around $12,000 for this type of fireplace.

The overall analysis is that these are not inexpensive but DO provide a wonderful outdoor space that you can enjoy year around. They become quite a valuable resale item should you have to sell your home. They are a true differentiator and are as popular as ever in the Carolinas.

We are happy to provide a detailed estimate once we have a look at your project but this blog is an attempt to educate you as to how much you should be prepared to invest. Please visit our website at