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Integrating an outdoor fireplace into a screen porch? 4-season screen porch!

Custom porch with full wall windows and outdoor fireplace

How would you like to create a 4-season room out of your screen porch? Integrating an outdoor fireplace into your screen porch is a potential solution. We have been designing and build outdoor fireplaces for the past 10 years and integrating them into covered patios and screen porches are the most popular choices these days.

The desire to extend your outdoor living simply increases each year. Psychologists say that is due to increased stress levels at work and the desire to escape without ever having to leave your home. The fresh air while being protected from the sun and insects make screen porches the most preferred room that you’ll want to spend time in.

From an aesthetic standpoint, stone is the most popular veneer while some choose to match the brick that is already on the back of their home. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a fireplace integrated into the porch even after the porch is built. Make sure you hire a professional with the knowledge and experience to do this. You can also have an outdoor fireplace even if your screen porch is on the second story!

There are new building codes now governing the design of outdoor fireplaces for obvious safety reasons. These cover height of the chimney, material for framing, distance from the house, and other areas. While having an outdoor fireplace is expensive up front, the amount of time and enjoyment you will receive appears to be well worth the investment and our demand has increased for 10 consecutive years here in the Charlotte area.

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