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EZE Breeze screen porches vs. Sun Rooms?

Custom screened porch with railing

So, what are the advantages of an EZE Breeze screen porch vs. a sunroom? There are several!

As a distributor and installer of the EZE Breeze windows for the past 17 years, we are well positioned and experienced to comment on this from our customers point of view at Archadeck of Charlotte.

1. Flexibility – EZE Breeze give you the ability to have a screen porch or a sunroom by simply stacking the windows at the bottom or the top of the porch or simply removing them altogether. A sunroom will not provide nearly as much ventilation and free air flow.

2. Amount of viewing area – EZE Breeze will allow for you to have minimal framing and you can view the outdoors much better unless you go with all picture windows which would mean you have no free airflow

3. Saftey – EZE Breeze windows are made of a tough vinyl, not glass and will not shatter or crack

4. Function – EZE Breeze windows will go up or down and stop at any point to give you as much or little open window space as you desire

5. Cost – The county building codes do not require a permit when you use the EZE Breeze windows and you do not need to insulate, termite treatment, vapor barrier, hear or air condition so the overall cost is less

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