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From Victorian to gothic, country to modern; the gazebo possibilities are endless.

I know for many people January is a time when we begin to think about spring. All the holiday hustle and bustle is over, and even though winter is hardly over, we start to think of the ice melting, lighter sweaters and planning outdoor projects for the upcoming season.

But, even though it might not feel that way, Spring is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to plan your outdoor project. Whether you are planning which colors to put in your annual spring garden, or the addition of an outdoor structure to compliment your home and garden, now is the time to start.


When thinking of outdoor structures a beautiful and classic structure comes to mind, the gazebo. A gazebo is a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal. They can be either freestanding or attached to another structure such as a deck or a wall. They are roofed yet open on all sides.

gazebo with deck and stairsThe origins of the gazebo go back over several millennium. Gazebos have been in the literature of China, Persia and many other classic civilizations. George Washington had a small eight-sided gazebo at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson wrote about gazebos and called them summerhouses or pavilions. Today this classic structure is as popular as ever. Gazebos not only provide shelter and a place to rest, they are a wonderful ornamental addition to your landscape. Archadeck prides itself on the diversity and aesthetic appeal of their gazebos. With a vast assortment of elements and materials to choose from, Archadeck can build anything your imagination can dream up.

gazebo with white railing and deckGazebos can turn your garden into an enticing treat and provides the opportunity to create an outdoor room. There are endless options to choose from when planning a gazebo. From location, to material, to shape and size. Gazebos can be screened to create an insect free spot that you can enjoy year round, regardless of the weather. Gazebos can be finished out with built in benches, this eliminates the need to worry about seating. There is also a large selection of outdoor ceiling fans and outdoor lights that can be added to give a personal touch and create tranquility in your gazebo.

You can raise a gazebo a few steps to take advantage of garden vistas, this also solves the problem of a tricky slope. Gazebos are an excellent choice to cover existing hot tubs too. They can be large or small, from octagon, square and even round. Design preferences range from using your homes design and carrying the style into your landscape, or can be totally different. From Victorian to Gothic, country to modern and sleek- the possibilities and individuality are endless.

If you are considering adding an outdoor structure like a gazebo to your landscape, just give Archadeck a call. Their talented and experienced staff can guide you every step of the way. You will be ready to have tea for two (or twenty ) on your new Archadeck gazebo by the arrival of Spring.