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Is Your Deck Builder Pulling The Proper Permits?

When embarking on the exciting journey of adding a new deck to your Birmingham area home, one of the most critical considerations is ensuring that your deck builder pulls the proper permits. Archadeck of Birmingham, renowned for their expertise in crafting outdoor living spaces, emphasizes the importance of obtaining all necessary permits before construction begins. Let's review why this is so crucial and what can happen if the proper permits are not obtained.

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Deck?

In most jurisdictions, yes, you do need a permit to build a deck. Building codes and regulations vary by location, but constructing a new deck in Birmingham requires a permit to ensure compliance with safety standards and local building codes. Archadeck of Birmingham understands these requirements and navigates the permit process seamlessly for their clients.

Why Do I Need A Permit?

Since most decks attach to a home and exceed certain size and height limits, you’ll likely need a building permit to construct a deck in Birmingham.

Building permits encourage homeowners and contractors to comply with local building and zoning codes, which often prioritize safety for the current and future owners, as well as anyone who will visit the property.

Deck building codes also provide some protection in case of an accident, and your home insurance will require proof of compliance. Similarly, your Homeowners Association (HOA) will expect you to follow local regulations; and you may be subject to fines without proper permits.

In addition, obtaining a permit for your new deck build is essential for several reasons:

1. Safety Compliance: Permits ensure that your deck is constructed to meet safety standards, including load-bearing capacity, railing height, distance between railing pickets, stair dimensions, and other critical aspects.

2. Code Adherence: Building codes are in place to protect homeowners and ensure structural integrity. Permits ensure that your deck design and construction meet these codes.

3. Property Value: Having a permitted deck adds value to your home, as potential buyers appreciate knowing that the structure was built to code and inspected for safety.

4. Legal Compliance: Building without a permit can result in fines, penalties, and even legal liabilities if the structure does not meet requirements or causes issues down the line.

What Are The Benefits Of Permitting A New Deck Build?

Permitting your new deck build offers several key benefits:

1. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your deck is built according to regulations provides peace of mind for you and your family.

2. Quality Assurance: Permits often require inspections at different stages of construction, ensuring quality workmanship and adherence to standards.

3. Insurance Coverage: Some insurance policies may require proof of permits for coverage related to deck construction or potential accidents.

How Does Archadeck Build Their Decks?

Archadeck of Birmingham follows a meticulous process when building decks:

Initial Consultation: Understanding your needs, preferences, and budget.

Design Phase: Creating detailed plans and obtaining necessary permits.

Construction: Skilled craftsmen execute the build using high-quality materials and adhering to design specifications.

Inspections: Ensuring that the deck meets all safety and code requirements.

Client Satisfaction: Delivering a beautiful, functional deck that exceeds expectations.

What Are The Repercussions Of Not Acquiring Proper Permits?

Homeowners who choose to construct a deck without proper permitting may be subject to fines, lawsuits, or may even be required to demolish the new deck. Cities can find out about unpermitted work from neighbors’ reports, annual property tax assessments, or future projects that require an inspector visit, so don’t assume it will be easy to hide.

Beyond the city’s enforcement measures, homeowners are liable for any damages should faulty construction cause an accident. Your Homeowners Insurance won’t step up to cover the costs if the work was unpermitted and uninspected.

If unpermitted work goes unchecked for years, and it is now time to sell the home, the owner has to disclose unpermitted work to prospective buyers and sell the house “as is,” which isn’t likely to be approved by mortgage lenders. Otherwise, the homeowners will have to obtain retroactive permits and inspections before proceeding with the sale.

Furthermore, failure to obtain proper deck building permits can lead to serious consequences:

Code Violations: Building without permits can result in code violations and fines from local authorities.

Safety Risks: Non-permitted decks may not meet safety standards, posing risks to occupants and visitors.

Insurance Issues: Insurance claims related to non-permitted structures may be denied, leaving homeowners liable for damages or accidents.

Resale Challenges: Non-permitted structures can complicate home sales, as buyers may be wary of undisclosed construction or legal issues.

How Does Archadeck Of Birmingham Obtain The Proper Deck Building Permits?

It is a five step process, one that Archadeck of Birmingham ensures is followed each and every time, as we:

  1. Obtain and submit a deck building permit application
  2. Submit two sets of construction plans
  3. Submit site plans
  4. Pay the building permit fee, and
  5. As a professional deck building contractor, we bring copies of our licenses

Ensuring That Your Deck Builder Pulls The Proper Permits Is Paramount To A Successful And Safe Project

Archadeck of Birmingham's commitment to obtaining permits, adhering to codes, and delivering quality craftsmanship ensures that your new deck enhances your home's beauty, functionality, and long-term value while meeting all legal requirements.

To schedule a personal complimentary deck building design consultation, call us at 205-576-5780. You can also click this link right here to connect with our team for your convenience.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.