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Why The Lowest Price Is Not Always The Best Choice -- What Makes Archadeck Different

Homeowners beware a builder’s song of cost so low,
From outdoor living space contractors who show,
A tempting price that seems too good to be,
For dreams of your oasis 'neath the sky and tree.

In corners cut and craftsmanship askew,
The lowest bid may cost much more than you knew.
Cheap materials and hasty hands at play,
Will crumble in the sun, or wash in rain away

Invest in quality, in skill, and care,
For in the long run, you'll find it's fair.
To pay a bit more for work that's sound and true,
An outdoor haven, enduring and brand new.

Why Is Choosing A Nationally Acclaimed Deck And Porch Builder Your Best Bet For Superior Design, Safety And Construction Expertise?

Everyone appreciates value, but at what risk? While it might be tempting to choose a deck, porch or outdoor living space contractor who claims to offer a significantly lower bid and states that they can start the project immediately, it's essential to exercise caution and consider several factors before making a decision.

Here is why you should be cautious in such a situation.

Quality Of Work: A bid that is significantly lower than others may indicate that the contractor plans to cut corners, use lower-quality materials, or compromise on workmanship to reduce costs. This can result in subpar quality and a project that doesn't meet your expectations.

Unreliable Contractors: Contractors who offer to start a project immediately may not have a stable schedule or may be in a hurry to secure a job. This can be a sign of unreliability, as they might leave your project unfinished or delay it significantly.

Licensing And Insurance: Verify that the contractor is licensed, insured, and will get the necessary permits for your project. A lower bid may be a sign that they are not adequately insured or may not have the required licenses, which can lead to legal and financial issues if accidents or problems arise during construction.

Hidden Costs: A contractor offering a low bid may be more likely to add unexpected expenses or change orders once the project is underway, leading to a higher overall cost. Make sure to get a detailed, written contract that outlines all costs and expectations. With Archadeck, the price you are quoted will be the price you pay.

Reputation And References: It's crucial to research the contractor's reputation and ask for references from past clients. Be cautious if the contractor has a limited or negative online presence or cannot provide references. These red flags will be a warning to the wise to avoid them.

Timeline And Scheduling: While an immediate start may seem convenient, it's essential to ensure the contractor has a realistic timeline and a well-thought-out construction schedule. Rushed work can lead to mistakes and compromises in quality.

Legal And Ethical Concerns: An extremely low bid might indicate that the contractor is not following legal labor practices, such as fair wages or proper worker safety. It's essential to work with contractors who adhere to ethical and legal standards.

Contracts And Warranties: Ensure that the contract includes warranties for workmanship and materials. Contractors who offer significantly lower bids may not stand behind their work, leaving you with costly repairs in the future. Archadeck warranties are the best in the industry. You receive both the dedicated service of a committed and responsive local owner/operator and the strength and assurances of an established national corporation.

Project Planning: Be skeptical of contractors who can start immediately without proper planning and permitting. Rushing into a project without proper planning can lead to problems down the line, including delays and fines for not obtaining the necessary permits. With Archadeck of Birmingham, you can take comfort in our comprehensive process – from vision to design to reality.

Communication And Professionalism: The way a contractor communicates and presents themselves during the bidding process can be indicative of how they'll handle the entire project. Ensure the contractor is professional, responsive, and transparent in their communications.

Don’t Settle For Second Best And Risk Being Pennywise And Pound Foolish

While cost is an important factor in selecting an outdoor living space contractor, choosing the lowest bid without considering the factors mentioned above can lead to problems, extra expenses, and disappointment in the long run.


It's crucial to do your due diligence, obtain multiple quotes, and select a contractor who offers a reasonable price while demonstrating professionalism and a commitment to quality work.

Selecting nationally acclaimed Archadeck, America’s #1 choice for expert and flawless outdoor living space design and construction, brings numerous advantages for superior design, safety, and construction expertise.

Proven Expertise: Our national recognition often comes from years of experience and successful projects since 1980. These experts have honed their skills and mastered the art of deck, porch and shade structure construction.

screened porch

Design Excellence: Archadeck builder professionals offer innovative, aesthetically pleasing designs. They understand the latest trends, materials, and technologies, ensuring your deck stands out and enhances your outdoor space.

outdoor deck

Safety Standards: Our expert team of professionals led by local owners, Derek and Carissa Crews, prioritize safety. They know local building codes and industry regulations, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring your deck meets all safety requirements.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our acclaimed experts take pride in their work. Their attention to detail and high-quality construction materials result in a durable and long-lasting structure.

new porch

Efficiency: Our seasoned construction teams work efficiently, completing your project on time and within budget.

Local Knowledge: Our national acclaim means they've worked in various regions, allowing us as a national organization to adapt to local environmental conditions and provide designs that suit your area.

Choosing A Nationally Acclaimed Expert Deck Builder Ensures That Your Deck Is Not Just A Functional Structure But A Work Of Art, Meeting The Highest Safety And Construction Standards

Experience the Archadeck difference of excellence for yourself.

Call us at (205) 576-5780; or click this link right here to connect with us for a complimentary design consultation and a firm price quote – with no surprises.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.