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If You’re Searching For Outdoor Living Space Combinations Here In Birmingham, You’ve Just Found It, At Archadeck

When it comes to the ideal custom design and construction of outdoor living spaces here in Birmingham, more can be more – in fact, it can be perfection.

Outdoor living space combinations by Archadeck deliver the best of all possible worlds for outdoor living fun, leisure, functionality and entertainment possibilities.

With this in mind, now may be the perfect time to connect with us for a complimentary outdoor living space combination design consultation.

Just consider the Outdoor living space combinations possibilities with these home improvement additions including:

• Decks with pergolas

• A deck with screen room

• A screened porch with deck

• Deck and porch combinations

• Deck and porch builder

Outdoor Living Space Combinations Featuring Decks With Pergolas Are A Terrific Way To While Away Your Leisure Time Hours

When Archadeck of Birmingham custom designs and builds decks with pergolas, it’s an outdoor living space trifecta giving you and your family enhanced functionality, heightened aesthetics and value.

For enhanced functionality, decks with pergolas provide partial shade so you can enjoy the comfort of sun protection on sunny days. Decks with pergolas are also great for helping you define spaces for various outdoor living activities such as relaxing, lounging, dining and al fresco entertaining.

To ensure the durability and low maintenance of decks with pergolas, you can choose the outdoor living building materials you prefer – pressure-treated wood or composite materials, as this Birmingham specialty builder of decks with pergolas features both options.

A Deck With A Screen Room Is A Favorite Of Birmingham Families For Outdoor Living Space Combinations

For many Birmingham homeowners, having Archadeck custom design and build a deck with screen room delivers the best of both worlds. A deck with screen room delivers the best of both worlds by combining the benefits and conveniences of outdoor living with indoor living.

For outdoor enjoyment, a deck with screen room allows you to enjoy Birmingham fresh air breezes and sightlines to your landscape to drink in nature’s beauty.

For indoor comfort, a deck with screen room protects you three ways: protection for insects and flying pests, shelter from rain and wind, and ultraviolet protection from direct sunlight.

A Screened Porch With Deck Is A Great Way To Enjoy Outdoor Living Space Combinations

Another favorite outdoor living combination space features the blend of a screened porch with deck. It gives you the ability to surround yourself with Mother Nature’s bounty unencumbered on your deck while giving you the option of privacy and enclosure within the adjacent screened porch.

This outdoor living combination space design and construction solution is the ultimate decision solution for families asking, “Do I want a screened porch? A deck? Or both?”

As your Birmingham screened porch and deck builder, we know how perfect it feels when you create a combination of options side-by-side in your outdoor living space. If you enjoy entertaining and want to invite more people than one table can seat comfortably, no problem! With a screened porch with deck, you can have more than one dining area. Putting kids at one table and adults at another is just one idea. Putting the kids in the screened porch so the adults can dine under the stars on the deck is another. Everybody wins.

When It Comes To Outdoor Living Space Combinations, Deck And Porch Combinations Extend Your Living Space Beautifully

Deck and porch combinations by Archadeck of Birmingham remain one of our most requested outdoor living space combination design structures.

When your new deck works in combination with other outdoor structures, you’ll have the best of both worlds. Combine a deck and a porch, and you’ll have one area open to the sky above with overhead protection from rain when needed.

Outdoor living space combinations bring two or more outdoor structures together to give you the diversity, function and aesthetics of each.

Archadeck Is The Finest Birmingham Deck And Porch Builder Specializing In Outdoor Living Space Combinations

Deck and porch combinations rank high on Birmingham’s treasured outdoor living space combinations. Deck and porch combinations allow you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year. In warmer months, you can use the deck for catching some rays or grilling, while in cooler or rainy weather, your Archadeck porch provides a sheltered retreat.

And when it comes to adaptability, deck and porch combinations can provide both your deck and porch with creature comforts like outdoor heaters, fans, or adjustable screens to maximize comfort in various seasons.

Enjoy Our Outdoor Living Space Combinations Now And Create More Value In Your Home For The Future

Also worthy of mention is how outdoor living space combinations add value in both your quality of life as well as financial benefits.

Combining a variety of Archadeck outdoor living spaces allows you to enhance your quality of life and leisure relaxation time while you enjoy your outdoors in various ways. Whether it's relaxing on a porch or dining on a deck, these spaces enrich your outdoor experience.

As for financial value, professionally designed and constructed outdoor living spaces by Archadeck are extremely attractive to potential buyers, often leading to a higher resale value for your home. Features like decks, screen rooms, screened porches and deck and porch combinations are considered valuable home improvement additions.

With Outdoor Living Space Combinations By Archadeck, You Will Enjoy A Wonderful Combination Of Comfort, Shade And Overhead Protection From The Elements Of Nature

Live life to the fullest with outdoor living space combinations by Archadeck. To arrange for a personalized outdoor living space combinations design consultation and firm price quote, call us at 205-576-5780.

You can also easily and quickly connect with us right now by clicking this link to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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