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Will A Porch Addition Add Value To My Home?

Your home’s exterior is the first thing you see when approaching your home. It is the face of your home, and whether or not you are looking to sell your home in the future, it is wise to learn which additions add value to your home.

Custom front porch with seating area

Exterior home additions such as front porches and porticos can dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home. A front porch addition affords more room than that of a portico. Front porches deliver shelter to guests during inclement weather, protection for your exterior from the elements and room to gather, sit, read or relax.

Will A Front Porch Addition Add Value To My Home?

If the other homes in your neighborhood have front porches, it is a good idea to consider one to keep your home’s value comparable and competitive. Your home’s exterior is one of the most important factors as to whether it gets shown and eventually sold. For this reason, a front porch addition might be a good idea even if you don’t live in an area where adding a porch is likely to add several thousand dollars to the value of your home.

Custom front entry portico

The monetary value of a front porch addition depends on many factors, including your location and the status of surrounding homes. If you live in an area where the real estate market is good, making an improvement like a porch addition to your home could dramatically increase the value of your home. In fact, it is possible to actually make money off your improvement project when people are looking to buy.

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On the other hand, the benefits of a front porch addition go far beyond return on investment. From an outdoor living and curb appeal standpoint, nothing evokes relaxation and charm quite like a porch! Archadeck of Birmingham has helped many homeowners improve the aesthetics and function of their home’s front entry with a porch addition. Many of these projects have been highlighted in our blog

Interior view of front entry screened porch

When you think of an outdoor living space you likely think of a backyard deck, porch or patio. However, did you know that an outdoor living space doesn’t necessarily have to be designed with backyard placement in order to enhance your outdoor lifestyle? It’s true. When considering the addition of a custom outdoor living space, you should consider where you and your family need, and want it.

A truly custom porch design doesn’t have to abide by any unwritten rules or recommended placement guidelines. This Custom Front Entry In Homewood, AL, Says “Welcome Home” In The Best Possible Way! and proves that an outdoor living space can have front of home placement and still provide value and endless enjoyment potential.

Custom front entry screened porch

Will A Covered Porch Add Value To My Home?

The appeal and charisma of a covered porch never go out of style. Whether it is a traditional rocking chair style porch addition or a mid-century modern marvel, open porches are always a wise outdoor living investment.
Why — you may ask?

Custom elevated privacy deck and open porch

As HGTV recently cited in their article Maximum Home Value Outdoor Living Projects: Porch, A porch’s ability to provide cover, relaxation and privacy makes for a desirable extension of living space for any potential buyer.
The article also points out that expertise and understanding of porch construction are essential when remodeling or adding on a porch to a home.