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This Hoover, AL, Covered Porch Is Transformed Into An EZE-Breeze 3-Season Room By Archadeck

Sometimes all you need is a good foundation to build the outdoor living space you’ve been wishing for. And often times, it takes a true, highly-respected outdoor living design space expert to guide you down the right path.

Interior Hoover EZE Breeze Room

Such is the case with this Hoover, AL, backyard in the beautiful Chase Lake neighborhood.

When we first arrived at the home for their design consultation, the structure at hand was an existing shed roof open porch with an adjacent patio, installed by the original home builder.

Although it served a great purpose for protection from the elements, , it became virtually unusable during heavy rains and colder temperatures. The family called Archadeck of Birmingham to change that, because they loved the space and wanted to be able to use it year-round.

EZE-Breeze Is An Ideal Transformative 3-Season Room Solution

This Chase Lake patio garden home became our blank canvas to create the ultimate outdoor living space the family was looking for.

Side View of How EZE Breeze Room Corresponds with Fireplace

For starters, the first part of the transformation was adding a knee wall before installing the EZE-Breeze panels in rich, deep bronze. The color choice was the ideal complement to the homes architectural style and color palate.

The knee wall is constructed out of Hardie Board on both the inside and outside, for its excellent wear and weather-resistance properties.

Why Is An Archadeck EZE-Breeze Solution The Best Choice For A 3-Season Room Conversion?

To remedy a host of bothersome issues and situations, EZE-Breeze proved to be the cure-all.

Hoover AL EZE Breeze Custom 3 Season Room with Custom Doors

Last Spring, the porch area collected such an abundance of pollen, that cleaning up after it and getting rid of it was quite a task. All of the outdoor living furniture and accent pieces had to be moved to the rear backyard to clear the space.

Once cleared, there were a series of tasks the homeowners went through – sweeping, power washing, and even wiping down surfaces with bleach and water. Some of the pollen buildup – especially embedded inside creases and crevices – was unbelievably thick and crusted.

Once enclosed with an Archadeck EZE-Breeze 3-season room conversion, that awful annual task would vanish.

The rain was yet another issue. During heavy storms – when it would actually be interesting to watch the rain fall – it became an impractical wish because the previous interior of the space would become drenched in seconds.

With the EZE-Breeze window panels easily shut tight, that will never be a problem again. Let Mother Nature reign rainfall to her heart’s content.

And then there was the issue of adding warmth to the space. Creating a secure seal from the cooler outdoor weather is truly easy with EZE-Breeze – a home improvement investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Just slide the panels upward to close them with your fingertips to block out the exterior wind and air, whenever you want.

For easy access in and out of the new outdoor living space room, there are two sets of doors in this space. Regular standard doors on the garage side but on the fireplace side, we added a custom door – also in bronze to match the EZE-Breeze – that would open to the interior which consisted of one door with two French door sections.

EZE Breeze Room Open to Outdoor Fireplace Area

This addition allows the family to open the dual doors anytime they wish to enjoy the glow and warmth of the outdoor fireplace from their EZE-Breeze room.

The Outdoor Living Space Of Your Dreams Is Closer Than You Think

Let’s set up a time to meet and discuss how we can help you enjoy your leisure life more fully and easily. Connect with us right here.

Derek and Carissa Crews Owners Archadeck of Birmingham

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.