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Tips for Planning, Timing and Financing Your Birmingham Deck or Porch Project

How is arranging to add a new deck or screened porch to your Birmingham-area home like cooking your favorite dish or baking your signature dessert? You need to prep the ingredients before you combine them and pop the mixture into the oven!

Cooking dessert on oven

You understand the sequence of steps and realize they may slow you down in the beginning. Following the recipe in the recommended order ensures you’ll proceed more efficiently as you near the moment your … contractor breaks ground on your outdoor project.

Custom screened porch and deck with seating area

At Archadeck of Birmingham, we understand our clients are usually in a hurry to have their new deck or deck-and-porch combination completed. Especially this time of year! Once you decide what kind of outdoor living space you want, and contact a builder to get started, in your mind it’s almost finished. What’s the hold-up?

With Archadeck of Birmingham, Porch or Deck Financing Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down!

Are you putting off the question of financing your new outdoor living space? Maybe you’re in a rush to start enjoying that new screened porch you’re dreaming about. Maybe you’re especially eager to have it completed before the mosquitoes arrive.

Custom wood deck with seating area

Our busy season is just around the corner, so timing is everything! We want to design and build your outdoor living space so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. We know what that anticipation feels like!

This brings us to two important points about timing your project:

  1. The sooner you call us to schedule a design consultation, the sooner we can add your project to our construction calendar. Did we leave out a step here? Yes—you must sign a contract with us before we can add your project to our calendar!

    Spring is near, and summer’s not far behind! Our project schedule will get busier with each week that passes as we hurtle into the outdoor living season. We want your project to be one of those that’s scheduled with the early birds, not one that has to wait because we’re so busy.
  2. Do you need to lock in financing before you can sign a contract for us to build your new wood deck or composite deck? Please let us know this during our initial meeting. We work with a financing partner known for their quick approvals.

    Securing your financing needs to be an early step in the process. Financing is part of the “prep work” that must take place before we can start building your outdoor living project.

You’ll find more information on factors that affect your project’s timing in our article about Understanding Your Outdoor Living Project Timeline ….

Custom backyard wood deck with railing and staircase

In January we wrote, If Your Goal Is a New Deck or Porch by Spring 2020, You Need To Call Now. That was two months ago!

As Snuffy used to say in the “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith” comic strip, time’s a-wastin’!

To get started with your outdoor living project, contact Archadeck of Birmingham today. Make the time you spend outdoors time well spent! Call us now at (205) 576-5780.

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— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.