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Screened Porch to 3-Season Room Conversion is a Breeze in Hoover, AL

When you have to put a project on the back burner, for whatever reason, and you know it’ll be really great, well … it’s worth the wait. Like true love between two people on distant shores, when they finally get together, shazam! United at last!

Custom EZE breeze three season room

That pretty much describes the way these homeowners in the Trace Crossing neighborhood of Hoover, AL, feel about their new Eze Breeze 3-season room. Their home is located in the Creekside section of Trace Crossing. Originally, their outdoor living space consisted of a concrete slab patio, like so many homes.

In 2013, the homeowners talked about adding a 3-season room. They wanted to build it on their concrete patio. The timing wasn’t quite right for them, however, so they settled for a screened porch instead. Since Archadeck of Birmingham is Hoover, Alabama’s best screened porch builder, they called us to build the porch. We designed and built a gable roof screened porch addition on their concrete slab, and the clients loved it. But all the while since, they kept thinking about that three-season room. Someday …

Following Through on Their Vision for a 3-Season Room

These clients appreciated the fact that Archadeck of Birmingham not only builds porches and decks; we are also the best Hoover, AL, three-season room builder. Fast forward to 2019: when the time was right, these clients called us again. We’re ready for that 3-season room now, they said.

Interior of Eze Breeze three season room

We were able to enhance their porch screens with the Eze Breeze system, turning that Archadeck screened porch into an Archadeck custom three-season room. The difference is that a 3-season room offers more versatility and can be used comfortably during more of the colder months than a screened porch. Eze Breeze is a 4-track clear vinyl window system that gives you a combination of sliding windows to keep cold out and allows your porch screens to let breezes in. You decide, on any given day, which to use – windows or screens – or some combination of each! Is today the day for a little fresh air, or a lot?

The Eze Breeze 4-track window system allows you to slide the clear vinyl window panels open or closed as you wish. At any point, you can open up to 75% of the windows, revealing 75% of the screens at once for plenty of fresh air.

Interior of three season room

Here are some of the options that have earned Eze Breeze a favorable reputation for versatility:

  • Slide up to 75% of the windows open, to reveal screens;
  • Keep all of the windows closed to ward off cooler outdoor temperatures;
  • Use a space heater to keep your 3-season room cozy when temperatures drop. Keeping the vinyl windows closed will help you keep the heat inside where you need it.

At Archadeck of Birmingham, we love the Eze Breeze system for its quality, durability, and ease of use. The window frames are sturdy, and the vinyl window panels are crystal clear. You’ll get the same clear view you would see with traditional glass windows. The Eze Breeze window frames are available in white, beige, or bronze. For this project, our clients chose the bronze window frames.

Finishing Touches on the New 3-Season Room

The screened porch upgrade to a three-season room is complete. For aesthetics, we knocked the original “broom” finish off the concrete patio and then polished the concrete, stained it and sealed it. The result is an attractive floor that gives a refined appearance to the room. The windows high up in the roof gable allow lots of natural light inside. And last but not least, the clients’ two fluffy white dogs have their own little dog door built into the porch door.

Dog door on three season room

Have you been thinking about adding a custom three-season room to enjoy year-round use of your outdoor living space? Contact Archadeck of Birmingham today to make the time you spend outdoors this year time well spent! Call us now at (205) 576-5780.

Company owners
— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.