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Archadeck of Birmingham Answers the Call for a Privacy Deck in Mountain Brook, AL

When you say, “Come see my house!” you’re usually inviting a few friends – not the whole town, or even the whole neighborhood. But that’s what it felt like for these homeowners in Mountain Brook, AL. Because of the way their property sits on the main road, and on a curve, their home and their yard were visible on three sides. They called Mountain Brook AL deck builder Archadeck of Birmingham for a deck and a privacy solution.

Custom privacy wood deck

It’s not that people were trying to encroach on this family’s privacy. It’s just that the homeowners were on view any time they went outside. They found it hard to enjoy being outdoors … and on display. When you need a privacy screen, you really need a privacy screen.

The Best Listener is the Best Deck Designer

Custom privacy wood deck

At Archadeck of Birmingham, we listen to you talk about what you need in a deck (or screened porch, or covered porch, etc.). We want to know why you want a deck, how you intend to use it, and what features are your top priorities. We listen, and we come back with a design to address your needs. If a client doesn’t feel we captured exactly what they want, we’ll talk some more, listen harder, and go back to the drawing board. It doesn’t happen often, but we are always willing to proceed with another iteration of a design if that’s what it takes to create your perfect outdoor living space. With this Mountain Brook, AL, deck design, however, we nailed it the first time.

Private Deck, Private Family Time

We understood the homeowners’ desire for privacy on three sides when we designed their deck. They chose an all-pressure-treated wood deck, and as you can see we answered with pressure-treated railings, gates, and privacy fence, too. We designed the wooden deck railings and gates to match the alternative fencing style of the privacy fence.

Seating area on wood deck

The 7-ft. privacy fence and railings feature horizontal rows of wood with a uniform amount of space between each row and the next. No “see-through” cable railings for this deck! The gaps between the rows allow light to pass through and keep the deck feeling “breathable.” The family can still see (and therefore, feel) the lush, wooded setting around their property. At the same time, the rows of wood sufficiently block the view of anyone passing by.

Wood deck stairs

Because the lot slopes and a portion of the deck is elevated, we included 1 × 6 horizontal skirting to give the underside of the deck some privacy, too. This horizontal skirting also features horizontal rows of wood with gaps between the rows, but here the gaps are smaller.

Reminder: Wood Decks Are Beautiful, Too!

If you’ve become convinced a deck must be made of composite or synthetic materials to be beautiful, this project reminds us wood decks are beautiful, too. The uniform pattern of the wooden railings, stairs, gates, and privacy wall create an inviting hide-away. If this were a piece of art – and actually, it is – it might be titled: “A Study in Wood.” This project reminds us of the days, before the advent of composite decking, when we took the beauty of a wooden deck for granted.

Custom rolling deck gate

The homeowners wanted the deck to include two wide staircases for ease of access, each leading to a different part of the yard. One staircase is 7 feet wide with a mid-level landing and a double-door, hinged gate at the top. The other is 5 feet wide with a rolling gate at the top. Because the gates are also built in the horizontal “privacy fence” style, they fill the visual breaks that the staircases create in the privacy railings. They also secure the safety of any children and pets playing on the deck.

Double staircases on wood deck

Glorious Privacy, Glorious Shade

Now this Mountain Brook, AL, family has a spacious, secluded outdoor living space where they can relax without feeling like they’re always on public view. This beautiful wood deck is graced with plenty of shade – the dappled shade of a nearby tree and solid shade of the roof’s wide overhang.

Seating area and outdoor kitchen on custom wood deck

Do you need a deck that prioritizes privacy? Would you prefer a deck that’s all wood, or are you a fan of composite decking and the low-maintenance lifestyle? Either way, contact Archadeck of Birmingham today to make the time you spend outdoors this year time well spent! Call us now at (205) 576-5780.

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— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.