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Homewood, AL, Homeowners Love Their New Condo Deck with Innovative Planter Box!

If you think condominiums can’t have decks, think again! The owners of this condo in Homewood, AL, called in deck builder Archadeck of Birmingham to remedy their aging deck – and also to disguise a tree stump!

Custom deck with planter box
— New wooden condominium deck in Homewood with an innovative custom planter box.

Their original pressure-treated wood deck had reached the end of its useful life, so a completely new deck was in order. Meanwhile, their tree that had been growing up through the original deck had been removed, leaving a stump. They wanted the new deck design to include a way to hide that stump.

Mind you, this deck is in the midst of four connecting condo units. The tree removal company had used a crane to lift the tree out. That was the only way they could extract it without disturbing the neighboring units. (The tree removal took place before Archadeck was on site to build the deck.)

No design challenge is too great for Archadeck of Birmingham!

The new deck of pressure-treated wood is unique in that it runs the entire width of the condo’s back yard, from fence to fence. Making it even more unusual, we created a terraced look by designing a series of 10-ft.-wide bench-style steps leading down from the deck’s top level to the back yard. The effect is one of easing the transition from the top level down to ground level.

Custom deck with planter box

Where’s the stump, you ask? Why, inside the planter box, of course! We fashioned this 6×6-ft. planter box on the deck so the homeowners can add seasonal color to the space. Guests will never know there’s an old stump hidden there.

Altogether this was quite an unusual project for Archadeck of Birmingham, which made it all the more interesting. We love the results, and of course the homeowners are thrilled with their new deck and planter box combination.

Do you have a design challenge to test our deck or porch design skills? Deck and porch designer Archadeck of Birmingham can handle whatever you toss our way.

Custom deck with seating area and open planter box

We love a design challenge when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living space for your family whether it’s a deck, porch, outdoor kitchen or outddoor living space combination. Call us at (205) 576-5780. We look forward to creating the perfect space for the outdoor lifestyle you want!

Archadeck Of Birmingham
— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.