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A Win/Win: Custom Austin Outdoor Living Spaces By Archadeck That Add Value To Your Life And The Austin Community

As we approach our 25th anniversary in Austin as the preferred outdoor living space contractor and construction expert, our 3,000 projects can be seen at virtually every turn here throughout Austin neighborhoods.

Our custom-designed outdoor living spaces, including porches, screened porches, decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens, have become increasingly popular in Austin, Texas, reflecting a growing trend in homeowners' desire for functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. However, the seemingly high costs associated with these projects often leave individuals questioning why such investments are so expensive. Here we will review the multifaceted reasons behind the elevated costs of custom outdoor living spaces in Austin, Texas.

The High Cost Of Living And How It Impacts The Cost Of Your Project

On the labor side, we all know Austin has an exceptionally high cost of living. Housing is approaching 30% of income on average.

We have all heard that rents have doubled, and interest rates are making home ownership very difficult and challenging for many. Inflation is starting to ease, but it’s hard to see it at the grocery store yet.

We all know these things; we live with it, and each of us understands the effect on our own lives and budgets. However, the thing that’s not obvious is that when work needs to be done – construction or otherwise, every person who is working, must cope with all of these factors, too.

Most construction laborers live just outside the Austin area because they can’t afford the cost of living in Austin. That means they often drive 60 miles or more to get to the job site which equates to greater cost in fuel and equipment.

What’s more, since the pandemic hit, the skilled labor shortage in the construction industry is a nationwide issue, and Austin is no exception. The high demand for qualified craftsmen, builders, and designers increases labor costs as businesses compete for a limited pool of skilled professionals. Moreover, specialized skills needed for intricate outdoor designs can command premium rates.

Material Costs And Quality

The quality of outdoor living space building materials used in constructing our designs significantly impacts the overall cost. High-end materials that withstand the Texas climate, such as durable woods, weather-resistant composite materials, and premium outdoor appliances, can be expensive. Additionally, fluctuations in material prices due to market conditions and transportation costs further contribute to the overall expense.

Transportation of the core materials is a huge piece of the cost equation. Construction supplies are typically heavy and are trucked from all over the country before ending up in your yard.

A piece of wood is cut, milled, treated, and shipped at least five times before it becomes a part of your covered porch, screened porch, deck, patio, pergola or outdoor kitchen.

At each juncture, more value is added and costs increase. All of these costs are subject to inflationary pressures and labor expenses. The COVID years saw enormous supply issues and costs soared. Some costs for the basic building materials have come down somewhat, but many are still at pandemic highs and may never come back to what we knew previously.

The Reality Is That Construction Costs Have Doubled In The Past Ten Years

It’s hard to get your head around those kinds of changes, even if you work in the industry. For example, let’s say 10 years ago you built a deck on your previous home, and it cost $10,000.

Today, you’ve moved to a new house and want to build the same kind of deck, but it now costs $25.000. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s real.

We are fortunate that we live in an awesome place. We have great communities, low unemployment, lots to do, places to go and things to enjoy. Having a beautiful leisure outdoor space at home – a deck, patio, roof, screen porch, or outdoor kitchen – to entertain or just hangout is highly desirable.

What is overlooked often times, is the positive effect building something for your enjoyment has on our community at large. As you improve your home and property, Austin prospers.

The proof? What you may be surprised to learn is that of our estimate, 70% of what you spend for an outdoor project actually stays in our community.

Our Archadeck team feels pretty good about that; and we thought you might as well.

Call us now at 512-886-8367; or click right here to connect with us – and let’s get started on a design for you!

Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin.