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Meet The Expert Pergola Installer Proud To Serve Homeowners In Round Rock, Texas

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men get complicated when Mother Nature is involved. Such is the case for this Round Rock TX backyard that enjoyed privacy and protection with a cedar pergola and a privacy wall. Then, an ice storm came; and it all needed to be replaced.

Before – the result of an ice storm.

As the stone patio and sink area were pre-existing, our team engineered a new pergola and privacy wall to give this outdoor living space a new lease on life.

At Archadeck We Well Understand The Importance And Fundamentals Of Designing And Constructing The Perfect Pergola

Here throughout Round Rock, our pergolas are much more than just a pretty face for your outdoor living deck or patio.

After- wow!

Often times, builders only use pergolas in their designs for solely cosmetic reasons. It is true that pergolas add dimension, vertical interest, and aesthetics to an outdoor living space. However, there is more to an Archadeck pergola than just a pretty face. Our pergolas are designed to not only add beauty but to add privacy, shade, protection from the elements and even help anchor your outdoor living area. The versatility and benefits of an Archadeck pergola are truly endless here in Round Rock.

Round Rock Shade Pergolas

A pergola offers great potential for providing shade depending on the specifications of its design. This is based on the distance between the cross beams that cover the upper portion of the pergola.

The construction of the pergola can be made more conducive to providing shade through the spacing between the cross beams located atop the pergola and by using wider rafters in the pergola design. The closer the beams are set, or the wider the rafters, the more sun protection your pergola will offer. All of these factors are influenced by the intended placement of your pergola in correlation to the direction and amount of sunlight your location receives.

Here throughout Round Rock, Archadeck can build your pergola with increased sun protection in mind while keeping the original design of your pergola intact. This may include integration of a Polygal cover into the design, curtains or blinds, as we have many options available which can be customized to bring the most shade and comfort to your pergola addition.

Round Rock Cedar Pergolas

Wooden pergolas, especially cedar, remain our most popular choice for Round Rock pergolas. Their rustic charm can add character and dimension to almost any outdoor structure.

Cedar always rises to the occasion in pergola design and construction. These 7 attributes are among its most favored aspects:

1. Natural Resistance to Decay and Insects: Cedar wood contains natural oils and compounds that make it resistant to decay and insect infestation. This natural resistance can extend the lifespan of your pergola, reducing the need for chemical treatments.

2. Durability: Cedar is a durable wood that can withstand the outdoor elements, including rain, sun, and wind. It is less prone to warping, twisting, or cracking compared to some other types of wood.

3. Lightweight: Cedar is relatively lightweight, making it easier to work with during construction. This can be an advantage if you want to minimize the structural load on your outdoor space.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Cedar has a beautifully rich, distinct and attractive appearance with a natural reddish-brown hue that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Over time, cedar develops a charming grayish patina, if left untreated.

5. Lower Maintenance: Cedar requires minimal maintenance compared to other wood types. It naturally weathers well, and you can choose to leave it untreated, or apply a sealant or stain to maintain its original color.

6. Stability: Cedar has good dimensional stability, meaning it is less likely to shrink or expand significantly with changes in humidity or temperature. This stability will contribute to the overall structural integrity of the pergola.

7. Environmentally Friendly: Cedar is a renewable resource, as many suppliers practice sustainable forestry management. Choosing cedar for your pergola supports environmentally friendly building practices. Furthermore, it is a delight to all the senses. Cedar wood has a pleasant natural scent that acts as a natural insect repellent. This will enhance your outdoor experience by discouraging pests from the area.

Round Rock Quality You Can Depend On

Unlike other companies, Archadeck offers a full-service solution from start to finish. We don’t just build pergolas, decks and porches. We first design and customize them to fit precisely what you’re looking for, and then we expertly construct them.

Our design services ensure that the vision you have in mind is understood from the very start. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to what we do. Your new structure will be uniquely your own.

In fact, we are so confident in our services, we guarantee them. We back our services with two warranties: A one-year written warranty for workmanship, and a five-year warranty for the structural integrity of your new addition. We also guarantee that your outdoor living project will be constructed to the terms of your Archadeck contract.

Additionally, Archadeck in Round Rock is:

• North America’s largest deck and porch builder

• Backed by more than 40 years of experience

• Focused on unique design and premium quality

When it comes to decks, patios, porches, and pergolas – or any outdoor project we build – the details matter. Of course, we want your new outdoor space to look amazing and seamlessly blend with the style and design of your home. But we also want to make sure it is safe, secure, and lasts for many years. To ensure that’s the case, we need to pay attention to the details.

Our contractors use a clear Job Process Methodology that ensures the structure is built well, and we have established national relationships with preferred material vendors, including AZEK TimberTech for low maintenance wood alternative building materials.

As for the team that will be creating your captivating outdoor space, our deck contractors are each trained, licensed, and certified in each applicable area. Our Round Rock location is locally owned and operated and backed by a national network of experts.

Experience The Wonderful World Of Outdoor Living Dreams And Possibilities With Archadeck

It would be our pleasure to meet with you for a complimentary outdoor living space design consultation. Call us at 512-886-8367 – or simply click this link right here to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Schallon, lead designer Archadeck of Austin.