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An Outdoor Living Project In Georgetown Built Over Time Through Phased Building

With Archadeck leading your outdoor living space dream team, there is no rush to get everything completed all at once if you would rather have it done in phases.

Maybe it’s lifestyle commitments, budget considerations or some other reason for construction timeline flexibility. Here is a perfect example of how phased building works.

Building An Outdoor Living Space In Phases With Archadeck, Rather Than All At Once, Can Offer Several Advantages In Georgetown TX

Phased building can be very beneficial allowing you to spread out the costs over time, making it more financially manageable. You can prioritize elements based on your current budget and add more features later as funds become available – or as your needs for added functionality grow or change.

Archadeck can start with a basic structure and add phases allowing you to refine the design based on how you actually use the space. You can adjust layouts and features after experiencing the initial phase, ensuring the final result aligns with your vision and needs. We think it’s pretty smart.

Splitting your outdoor living project into phases makes it easier to manage and coordinate. You can focus on one set of tasks at a time, ensuring each phase is completed to a high standard before Archadeck moves on to the next. Sometimes you just have to see how a project evolves to help you better envision how you want to live in it. Over time, your lifestyle or preferences may change. Phasing allows you to adapt the original design plan to these changes, adding new ideas or building enhancements as they arise.

And, although your Archadeck Outdoor Living team is methodical in taking good care of your property while under construction, building in phases reduces any interruption to your daily life. You can enjoy completed sections of the outdoor space while work continues on other phases, minimizing inconvenience.

Despite your original complimentary design consultation, if you're still unsure about certain features or materials, starting with a smaller phase allows you to live with them before committing to a larger scope.

All that being said, phasing the construction of your outdoor living space gives you more control, flexibility, and the ability to create a space that truly meets your long-term vision and practical needs. And with Archadeck, your complete satisfaction means everything to our professional design and build team.

Phase 1: Starting With A Strong Foundation In Georgetown TX

Local Archadeck master design consultant and owner, Jim Odom, set the course for this design and build team.

Two years ago, the first phase of the project was to pour the concrete slab patio in the backyard of this beautiful home with 10 acres out in the country.

To better define the space and think about future functionality, our team also built the hog wire railing during this first phase and added concrete steps for easier access to the patio foundation.

Phase 2: A Vast Pergola Allowing For Overhead Protection From Sun, Rain And Whatever Debris May Fall

Measuring an extensive 30 feet by 14 feet, we installed a Cedar pergola above the concrete slab patio foundation. We then installed TopGal above and connected it to the new pergola structure.

Why Topgal?

To enhance long-term durability and weather protection, Topgal transparent polycarbonate roofing panels are a terrific pergola addition for their durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

They are resistant to UV rays, impact, and are designed to endure over time without yellowing or becoming brittle. This makes them ideal for outdoor structures like pergolas, providing long-term protection against the elements.

Another huge benefit is that Topgal panels allow natural light to pass through while filtering out harmful UV rays. This creates a pleasant illumination ambiance under the pergola during the day without exposing your family and guests to direct sunlight.

To complete phase 2 of this Georgetown TX outdoor living space combination project, we also replaced all the posts on the back of the home as well, so they all tie into the project. It’s beautiful aesthetic continuity, married to structural strength for longevity and dependable performance.

If You’re Thinking That You’re Ready For Phase 1 Of Your New Outdoor Living Space, Connect With Us Now

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Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin.