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This Large Wide Open Backyard In NW Leander TX Magically Becomes The Ultimate Pool And Spa Destination

Decisions, decisions. Many of our NW Leander TX clients have been there before.

Fortunate to have a large backyard, some clients contact us for a complimentary design consultation when they know they want to add value to their exterior property while creating an outdoor living oasis but aren’t quite sure how to achieve it.

custom pool pavilion detached covered porch poolside leander tx

This Family Had A Big Void At The Back Of Their Property, And They Wanted To Add A Swimming Pool There – For Starters

How to fill a wide open backyard void in the heart of NW Leander, Texas? Well, adding a beautiful, custom-designed in-ground pool and hot tub spa is a great place to start.


Area before the project began:

After the family’s swimming pool contractor finished the installation, as wonderful as it was, they knew that something was missing. So how about this custom outdoor living space design formula to complete and accent this marvelous backyard transformation?

To give their combination pool and spa a “new home,” we built this crowning touch – a custom pool cabana and pavilion with all the proverbial bells and whistles one could possibly wish for.

NW Leander Backyard After Archadeck Completed Project

Area after project completion:

This NW Leander, Texas, freestanding detached porch is so magnificent and uniquely special that our brother and sister Archadeck franchisees across the United States honored us with the Archadeck Design Award for the first quarter of 2023.

How To Achieve Poolside Perfection With Archadeck

Our custom design formula was different and highly innovative, as you can see.

To erect this outdoor living masterpiece and poolside sanctuary, we had to run a 6 foot by 16 foot glulam beam all the way across on 8 by 8 posts, due to the oversized span.

Leander TX Pool Pavilion Designer and Builder

Due to its extensive and strong outdoor tolerances, we wrapped the beam in cedar, then built a two-sided wall made from stone and stucco. There is a cinder block wall system in the center of all the stone and stucco to shore up these exceptional features:

• A wood-burning fireplace.

• For nighttime illumination, waterproof lights for all of the overhead lighting.

• For casual comfort from the Texas summer heat, instead of ceiling fans we used oscillating fans for ventilation. We used oscillating fans as opposed to ceiling fans because they are more than 7 feet from the water which is required by code. At Archadeck, compliance with code matters – it really matters.

As for the A-frame pergola structure itself, it’s the best of both worlds – overhead protection with free flowing air pockets within the roofline.

This poolside pergola was masterfully designed and built with one of our outdoor living material favorites – cedar – including that big beam which measures 25 feet across the hot tub and continues to the right end of the swimming pool.

Details Matter For Poolside Luxury And Functionality

While lounging amongst the swirling, soothing warm waters that caress family members while in the hot tub, an occasional glance upwards reaffirms how very special this pool-top pergola really is.

Instead of a solid, mundane overhead surface, we used tongue and groove Synergy Wood® ceiling on the interior. Their handcrafted prefinished pine tongue and groove ceiling and wall boards are versatile and strong – perfect for poolside pergola projects such as this. This pre-finished wood paneling for ceilings is an extremely wise and dependable choice for pergola roof cover undersides.

Available in a beautiful palette of 8 colors and finishes, Synergy Wood Southern Pine products create a warm and inviting space that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

Come Nighttime, Poolside Living Goes An Extra Mile

The poolside feature wall that houses the woodburning fireplace and large screen smart TV was custom built with Limestone Lueder Caps on top of the half walls and on the fireplace.

Our engineering team feels that Lueders limestone is a good choice for outdoor living poolside walls for several reasons:

Lueders is a type of natural stone that is known for its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Lueders limestone caps are specifically designed to be used as protective caps or coping for outdoor living walls, partitions, columns, and other architectural features.

Lueders is a dense and durable stone, making it resistant to weathering and wear. It can withstand the outdoor elements, including sun exposure, rain, and freeze-thaw cycles, without significant deterioration. This durability ensures that the caps will last for a long time, even in harsh environments.

Leander TX Pool Pavilion

Lueders is also a favorite choice for designers due to its aesthetic versatility. Lueders limestone caps are available in various colors, ranging from light beige and tan to gray and blue gray. This wide range of hues allows you to choose a color that complements your poolside design and integrates well with the surrounding elements. The stone's natural veining and texture also add visual interest and character to the walls.

Customizable shapes and sizes are another reason why Lueders is such a great outdoor living construction choice. Lueders limestone caps can be custom cut to fit your specific design requirements. Whether you need straight or curved caps, bullnose or square edges, or different sizes, they can be tailored to achieve the desired look and functionality for your poolside walls.

Another functional and necessary benefit of Lueders limestone caps is that they can have a textured surface that provides traction and reduces the risk of slipping, particularly when the caps are used as coping around the pool. This helps enhance the safety of the pool area, especially when wet.

As for heat absorption and retention, Lueders limestone has good thermal insulation properties, meaning it doesn't absorb and retain heat as much as some other materials. This can help keep the poolside walls and coping cooler to the touch, even in hot weather, providing a more comfortable experience for those using the pool.

A Texas Daytime And Evening Paradise Like This Can Be Yours With Archadeck

Although each of our NW Leander outdoor living designs are custom, we invite you to get inspired by our outdoor living covered porch and patio creations prior to your complimentary design consultation.

To schedule yours, call us at 512-886-8367; or simply click here.

Jim Schallon, lead designer Archadeck of Austin.

Jim Schallon, lead designer Archadeck of Austin.