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Extending The Footprint Of A Flagstone Patio Made Room For This Magnificent Spa In Sendero Springs

Thinking outside of the obvious box, and around the left corner of the rear of the home, proved to be the design and functionality ticket for this new home improvement in Sendero Springs in Round Rock, Texas.

hardscape with hot tub

Already enjoying a beautiful flagstone patio space in their backyard, the family couldn’t quite figure out how to add their combination hot tub and swim spa they were thinking about for years. The solution? They called Archadeck of Austin.

Over The River And Through The Woods – In A Manner Of Speaking

Logistically, some creative design planning and architectural savvy was required to pull off this exterior home improvement.

The Family had an area on the far left side of their house that would work perfectly. That’s the good news. Take a look at the before images below for a better understanding of the area:





However, utilizing this area required Archadeck to run power all the way from the opposite side of the house, through the attic and down the attic space onto the sidewall of the house to the area that would encompass the hot tub and swim spa. Whew! I get tired just thinking about it.

Once that was all figured out, we went to work and added a large concrete slab patio, beautifully finished in a TPC textured overlay that looks like a natural extension of the previous flagstone patio installation – flawless.


After- WOW!

Decorative And Functional Accents Made To Order

For enjoyment in the evening hours, we installed lights in the patio on the surface of the perimeter and in the stone bench that served as an architectural marker at the far end of the extended space before the turn which reveals the hot tub and swim spa.

limestone bench

Fashioned out of stacked Lueders Limestone, the bench serves as a convenient, easy-to-access place to set towels and such while enjoying the warm, circulating, therapeutic water streams.

To provide for a more intimate and private experience while there, we added a handsome horizontal slat fence on the backside of the project.

slat privacy wall

To avoid rain runoff from entering the new installation, downspouts are now routed into an area that drains under the patio and into the yard.

The fascia and landing of the stairway approach is constructed from AZEK PVC decking, chosen for its ability to provide a safe, slip-resistant surface to the hot tub swim spa area.

stairs up to a hot tub pool area

Speaking of safety, we installed deck stair tread lighting as well. All low-voltage LED lighting was used in this project.

illuminating stairs

As a favor to the client, we also cleaned and sealed the existing flagstone that remains a key part of the installation design.

Outdoor Living Leisure And Bliss Is Closer Than You Think Throughout Round Rock, Texas, Thanks To This Innovative Custom Solutions Builder

We love a challenge when it comes to thinking through the best custom design options possible to make your home improvement functional and flawless. As you start thinking about what you would like your space to look like, call us. We can be reached at 512-886-8367; and even easier, you can click here to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

jim schallon

Jim Schallon, lead designer Archadeck of Austin.