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Archadeck of Austin Rethinks and Reshapes Outdoor Living Enjoyment in NW Austin Through Design

These NW Austin homeowners wanted to eliminate their deck and update their backyard. Their wish list included utilizing low maintenance materials and a design that would open up their backyard space. They also longed for a hardscape that accented the beautiful exterior of their home.

NW Austin patio and pergola

Archadeck of Austin, aNW Austin Patio Builder, worked with the owners to craft a grand structure and patio addition that complemented their lovely home.

As you can see, the original deck had multiple outdoor living areas. The existing deck was taking up valuable living space and the two outer sections were not fully utilized.

NW Austin patio and pergola

Existing deck before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

Archadeck of Austin suggested a design that had a smaller footprint essentially creating a larger yard. Now everyone, even the family pets could enjoy this expanded area. Imagine gaining yard space without purchasing more land! Imagine also having additional space for a garden or other outdoor hobby.

Austin patio and pergola combinations from impossible to possible!

In Texas, it gets extremely Hot! These homeowners wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors and be protected from the sun. They liked the timeless look of a pergola and the multiple benefits one would provide. They also wanted a spacious feel without the constricting railings they were used to.

NW Austin patio and pergola

The solution - a uniquely designed extra tall pergola! The question was, could it be constructed large enough but not too large; the upper story windows needed to remain unblocked. Additionally, a couple structural obstacles would need to be addressed before their dream outdoor space became a reality.

Since this home is constructed of brick and is fairly one-dimensional, there could be no tie in connecting the pergola to the home. The other potential obstacle was only having a 21” area where the pergola could be built, this NW Austin patio builder rose to the challenge by developing a structurally solid concept that would stand the test of time. The homeowners dream became a reality.

By using a grand and tall pergola design, it tied into the house beautifully while creating a very regal presence for this family's backyard. The extra height added to the vertical dimension of their home.

NW Austin patio and pergola

Archadeck of Austin’s pergola concept design allowed for proper drainage as well as avoidance of the home’s second story windows. This provided an appealing view from the second story.

NW Austin patio and pergola

This pergola also includes a TOPGAL polycarbonate cover for added shade and protection. This waterproof element keeps the area dry in inclement weather.

Austin patio and pergola combinations

This looks like a completely new home! The transformation is absolutely stunning. Imagine sitting under the pergola, watching rain fall or enjoying a bright sunny day.

A patio/pergola combination allows for more time outdoors protected from the weather vs the uncovered deck they previously owned.

NW Austin patio and pergola

Archadeck of Austin designed the pergola as a freestanding structure utilizing a multiple rock brace system. The rock brace system is made up of 4 x 4’s and decorative 4 x 12 corbels. It also has 4 x 12 beams on all four sides and the trusses. Rather than sitting atop the beams, they are integrated INTO the beams.

NW Austin patio and pergola

This cedar pergola is a work of art, regal in its position, protecting its owners from the elements. These proud homeowners are thrilled to start entertaining friends, family, and neighbors in their new backyard. This spacious pergola provides them with shade and allows their guests to reap the benefits while providing an open airy feel.

Here is a closer look at the textured patio which was blended perfectly to bring the home and pergola together. Read more aboutResurfacing vs. concrete staining.

NW Austin patio and pergola

Are you interested in transforming your tired outdoor living space? Our talented designers can transform and renew your backyard with a new, custom design to suit your needs and budget. Contact Archadeck of Austin to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon

Jim Schallon, lead designer at Archadeck of Austin.