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How Do I Decide The Best Placement For My New Porch Or Outdoor Room?

When it comes to new porch placement ideas and options, you may have endless possibilities. Because of this, give serious consideration on why you want a new porch. Where do you most want to enjoy the fresh outdoors of West Central and Southwest Ohio?

family on porch

Is it at the very front of your home where you can enjoy carefree days and evenings chatting with neighbors and passersby?

Maybe it’s connected to the back of your home. Based on our vast experience, about 95% of the outdoor porches Archadeck builds are located on the back of a home.

chair on porch

The balance of the custom porches we design and construct are built as freestanding or detached structures or in locations other than the rear of the home.

The Ideal Porch Placement Depends On The Leisure Outdoor Moments You Value Most

While making the best porch placement decision process, remember that the most important consideration for your new porch’s location is to think about the functional and spatial needs and requirements that are the most important in regards to your relaxation and leisure lifestyle.

For example, if you are going to have Archadeck enclose your new porch with screening and a roof overhead for al fresco dining, you may want to choose an area within close proximity to your interior kitchen for convenience.

indoor patio

That being said, you can also decide to have us design and install a new outdoor kitchen inside your new porch, or adjacent to it on a new paver patio or hardscape. With Archadeck, anything is possible.

Where Is The Best Place For My New Porch?

When thinking about the location for your new porch before your complimentary design consultation, go into your backyard with a tape measure and think about where you want your new porch extremities and boundaries to be. This will help you better anticipate and visualize the views you’ll enjoy while you’re out there – and what types of activities will be best enjoyed there.

If you determine that the ideal location for your new porch is at the rear of your house, we often suggest centering your rear access door as a good place to start.

Possibly, pre-existing architectural structural areas that have doors and bump outs will dictate where your new porch should begin and end.

custom backyard porch

It is also important to think about what utilities you want to enjoy while out there – and which you want to avoid.

Typically, when houses are built, utilities like air conditioning units, water spigots, gas meters and vents are placed in the most inconvenient places in terms of home improvement additions. In most cases, our team can work creatively around those utilities; or we can arrange to get professional help to have them more conveniently relocated.

Porch Exposures, Privacy And Ease Of Accessibility – All Primary Porch Considerations

Will you be enjoying your morning coffee on your new porch? If so, make sure you know where the sun will be rising to avoid potential hotspots.

Many Archadeck clients prefer to have their porch facing south or southeast to capture the beauty of the early daytime hours and midday sun while avoiding intense afternoon heat.

outdoor living area

For homeowners aging in place, be sure your new porch is easily accessible from your main living areas, such as the kitchen or living room. Convenience in accessing your new porch will make it more enjoyable, easier to use and allow you to enjoy it more often.

custom backyard living space

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds – the fresh outdoors but with some modicum of privacy – select a location that offers the right balance between seclusion and openness. You may also want to incorporate some landscaping or outdoor trellises to enhance privacy, if desired.

A Porch Is One Of The Best Ways To Expand Your Interior Living Space

When interior space has gotten to the point that free areas are becoming more precious and sought safter, think outside the box – or more eloquently put, outside your house.

Do you need a place to enjoy some solitude? A porch could be just the ticket.

reading on porch

Would you like an uninterrupted space to enjoy the latest best-selling book while the kids are indoors playing video games? How about a new porch?

outdoor living area

For those who wish to spend some quality time enjoying the fragrance and beauty of their landscape and gardens, a well-positioned porch can give you the opportunity to do just that and more.

Archadeck Is Here To Help

Trust the outdoor living space pros at Archadeck to guide you along the best porch decision path with a complimentary new porch design consultation.

Call us at (937) 563-4847; or click right here to connect with us. It’s that easy.

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.