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An Archadeck Structure Is More Than JUST A Deck, Patio or Porch

Hiring a contractor to add value to your life by building a new deck, patio or porch is not a decision to be taken lightly.

patio and deck with an outdoor living space

As you get estimates for these home improvement additions, be very concerned if someone says they can begin your project tomorrow. “Really! Tomorrow?” should be the first thought that occurs to you.

That response should raise a red flag – a huge one.

Any respectable and reputable contractor will have some degree of backlog as quality builders are in high demand today.

Permitting alone for the new outdoor living space will take a day or two to acquire, which Archadeck will do for you, so you don’t have to inconvenience yourself.

Not The Cheapest – Just The Best

Archadeck has the knowledge, experience, and project methodology value conscious homeowners demand for custom designs. What’s more, all of our custom-designed and meticulously constructed decks, porches, and patios are backed by exceptional warranties. We are proud that we only use the best materials available implemented with the highest quality construction standards that others do not.

railing surrounding a deck

If someone says they can begin your project tomorrow, or they can build the same deck using the same high-quality materials that we use at a lower cost, this should intuitively alert you that something is wrong. They are cutting corners somewhere, if not everywhere, which could be dangerous and faulty in the long run.

Look For These Qualities In A Professionally Respected Contractor For Outdoor Project Home Improvements

A truly professionally respected contractor for home improvements, especially in the design and creation of excellent outdoor living spaces, should exhibit a range of qualities that Archadeck has been priding itself with since our founding back in 1980.

a couple enjoying their deck on a nice summer night

Reputation and References: Look for and analyze reviews and testimonials from previous clients. If they are not stellar, walk away. Insist on seeing their portfolio of completed projects, including before-and-after photos. Additionally, ask for client references you can contact to inquire about their experiences.

Experience and Expertise: Look for a proven track record in outdoor living space design and construction, as is our hallmark for 43 years and counting. Be sure that they specialize in the type of outdoor project you have in mind, such as decks, patios, porches, or poolside architectural embellishments.

Proven Design Skills: Explore their ability to provide creative and innovative design ideas for your outdoor space. Do they possess the knowledge of the latest trends and materials in outdoor living space design like Archadeck does?

Archadeck design rendering

Communication Skills: Are they easy to communicate with and seem sincere, representing your best interests? Clear and open communication in the construction business is paramount, including the ability to listen to your ideas and needs. Insist on prompt and thorough responses to your inquiries and questions.

Detailed Contracts: Know what you will be paying for, right from the get-go. Be sure that the contractor provides a well-detailed and comprehensive contract that outlines the scope of work, materials, timelines, and costs. And be sure that there won’t be any unanticipated surprises. Should you wish to have changes to your original plan, be sure that they are transparent about any potential additional costs due to changes to the project.

Professionalism: Insist on punctuality and reliability in meeting project deadlines and that they maintain a clean and organized work site, like Archadeck always does. It’s one of the most commented on qualities in our 5 star online reviews. Speaking of professionalism, make sure that their appearance and behavior is what you would expect.

red and wickered patio furniture on a deck

Quality Materials and Workmanship: Demand that they use high-quality materials that are suitable for your project's durability and aesthetic. Don’t settle for second best. If using real wood for your project, have then ensure that is will stand up to Ohio’s changeable climate. If using composite or PVC outdoor building materials, be sure they are the same caliber of AZEK TimberTech composite and advanced PVC decking.

Warranty and Guarantees: Protect your best long term interest with warranties and guarantees for the work performed and the materials used. Make sure they will address any post-project issues promptly and efficiently.

Timely Completion: Expect no excuses for unreasonable delays. It is imperative that the contractor crew has a firm commitment to finishing the project within the agreed-upon timeframe.

beautiful multi-level deck

Customer Satisfaction: Last but surely not least, insist that the crew demonstrates a strong focus on client satisfaction and is willing to address concerns and issues promptly.

It's crucial to do thorough research and due diligence when selecting an outdoor living space contractor for your outdoor living project. Remember that a respected contractor should not only meet your design and construction needs but also provide peace of mind throughout the project.

First And Foremost, Only The Very Best Is Good Enough

We sometimes hear that Archadeck is expensive. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to keep our costs down so we won’t be too pricey.

But there are things we won’t do.

  • We won’t build with cheaper materials that either look bad or won’t perform well for the life of your project.
  • We won’t use suppliers who frequently deliver damaged products to your home causing construction delays, or who leave ruts in your yard when they make a delivery, or who don’t deliver products on time to the job site.
  • We won’t use unproven subcontractors to save money.
  • We won’t use uninsured subcontractors.
  • We won’t give up having an office where you can come see your materials choices and where you can always reach a staff member on the phone.
  • We won’t cut back on staff to manage your job, to make sure that the project is well planned, that permits are obtained, and that you are kept informed about what is going on at your job.

And after your dream project is completed, we won’t be hard to find if you have a warranty claim. We will always be here.

Discover The Value Of Choosing Archadeck First Hand

For a complimentary design consultation, call Archadeck at 937-563-4847. For your convenience you may also click right here to connect with us.

Roger Miller, owner of Archadeck of West Central &  Southwest Ohio.