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Sundance Louvered Roof Pergolas — Outdoor Comfort & Control

Covered deck and seating area

Wouldn’t you like the luxury of having complete control over your outdoor living space?

With a Sundance Louvered Roof pergola, now you can!

The Sundance Louvered Roof system pergola is perfect for your Dayton area backyard and complements any home’s architectural style or design needs. Available in several stock colors and dozens of custom colors, this innovative pergola system has a flat, tongue-and-groove finished ceiling look when the louvers are closed.

Take a look at what a Sundance Louvered Roof pergola can do for you!

With a touch of a button, you’ll be able to position the louvers anywhere within their 150-degree range of motion. You can select the exact amount of protection or ventilation you prefer at any time. The louvers are controlled remotely or by an in-home wall remote or hard-wired switch. Sundance even offers a smart phone controller option! This louvered pergola system allows you to stay ahead of inclement weather and gives you comfort knowing you have complete control over your outdoor living domain.

Sundance Louvered Roof system pergola is like having 3 maintenance-free patio covers in 1!

  1. A solid patio cover when closed
  2. An adjustable pergola
  3. An almost invisible pergola when open

When fully open, the louvers allow almost 90% of the natural light into your patio windows and doors, keeping interior rooms bright.

We can’t wait to show you what we can do for your home. Schedule your complimentary deck design consultation today at (937) 563-4847!

You control the Sundance Louvered Roof pergola in 6 different ways:

  • Shade Control: Adjust the shade exactly where you need it, any time you desire.
  • Sun Control: Open the louvers to provide up to 85% of the natural light.
  • Ventilation Control: Open the louvers for almost 100% ventilation because the louvers are parallel with each other.
  • Rain Control: Interlocking louvers protect your deck or patio from rain. Your pergola posts can even serve as down spouts, or you can use regular down spouts.
  • Leaf Control: Sundance Louvered Roof has a built-in leaf control feature, and its gutters are made to receive standard leaf screens.
  • Louver Cleaning Control: With the louvers at a 150-degree angle you can even clean the top of the louvers from underneath.

Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio is your Dayton area dealer for Sundance. Just another layer of convenience and comfort on our menu of all things outdoor living!

The Sundance Louvered Roof system is made with strong extruded tempered aluminum and has a maintenance-free powder coated finish. We design these systems to exceed our local wind and snow load requirements.

Covered deck

The Sundance post to beam connection makes it the strongest louvered roof system on the market today. These louvers will span up to 16’, and they operate with minimal friction and longer mechanism life. The Sundance gutter holds up to 40% more water and is designed to receive standard gutter screens. This gutter also has built-in LED strip light shelves and a crown mold curve design.

Imagine the possibilities …

These louvered roof pergolas are beneficial to almost any outdoor living structure. Do you crave more shade on your backyard deck? Do you have a patio you wish you could gain control over because of its orientation to the sun? Archadeck of can install these specialty louvered roofs on existing decks and patios. We can easily integrate a Sundance Louvered Roof into the design of any new outdoor living project you have in mind.

For decks:

Covered deck

Covered deck

For patios:

Covered patio

And so much more:


Covered patio

Contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today to learn more. You can reach us at (937) 563-4847, or via email at

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