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If It Looks, Walks And Lives Like A Deck, Chances Are It Was Designed And Built By Archadeck

Today we pay homage to the great American backyard sanctuary – the outdoor living space deck. No other backyard space in history has provided us so much enjoyment.

4 individuals around a patio set on a deck.

Speaking of history, let’s talk about the evolution of the backyard deck as we know it today…

The idea of having one’s own little piece of greenspace behind their home in order to relax and play was becoming the new normal by the post-war period.

Then, in the 1950s and 1960s, a shift happened as far as outdoor living became a focal point of the backyard space. Americans began to hang out, relax, and visit with one another in the back. Prior to that time, when it came to outdoor living, residents would hang out on the porch in their front yard. That was it.

From Front Yard To Backyard, The Deck Takes Center Stage

Decks today are a means to ensure that leisure and comfort are just as important in today’s backyard spaces as the porch was in the front of a house in earlier times.

custom outdoor living space

It was important back then – as it is even more so today – that decks provided sure footing, made respectively of wood and concrete. Later in the 80’s and 90’s new products like composite decking, bamboo decking, vinyl decking, and deck tiles opened up the options for homeowners.

The Great American Deck Was Born In 1980 – Just In Time For Independence Day

Back in 1980, one gent heard opportunity knocking.

Chair, grapes, and wine on a deck.While having a new home built, he was surprised to learn that the builder was not interested in building him a deck behind his home. In fact, he flat out refused.

Hmmm,” the gent thought. “I wonder if other new home builders feel the same way?” he pondered.

After some informal research, it turned out that builders just wanted to build homes and not outdoor living spaces. So, this savvy gent thought he was given the gift of insight and founded Archadeck Outdoor Living.

It All Started With Pressure Treated Wood

When custom decks from Archadeck were first custom designed and constructed, the material of choice was pressure treated lumber. Pressure-treated is a process that extends the longevity of the wood considerably, adding decades to the life of the material.

Pressure treated wood deck

The chemical preservative used in the process makes lumber resistant to insects and moisture, and it can even protect the wood in severe weather climates.

Custom wood deck with black railing.

Still a popular choice today, other wood favorites include cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods, like Ipe – all surely adding value to your home.

Then Came Composite And PVC Decking

Both composite and PVC decking are popular today in America because they're virtually maintenance free. Both types are extremely weather-resistant, easy to clean, and neither will ever splinter, warp, cup, or rot. And they don't require sanding or staining.

Synthetic dark deck.

Composite decking has been around since the early 1990s. Many popular brands are made from 50 percent wood fibers and 50 percent recycled plastic. Composite decking is a solid color all the way through, so the ends of boards are not as noticeable. It's stiffer than PVC decking boards and can span greater distances.

PVC decking was introduced earlier in the late 1980s. With similar low maintenance attributes as composite decking, PVC artificial decking has made the dream of building an outdoor gathering space more affordable and accessible for homeowners than ever before.

A Backyard Without A Deck Is Just Greenspace

If you enjoy relaxing outdoors in your yard, setting up folding chairs and chaise lounge chairs can be a nuisance. The 180º option is relaxing on your deck.

Two individuals have a meal outside on their deck and toasting to one another.

Today, a backyard without a deck is truly missing something – in more ways than one. It’s missing form, function, design, and an invitation to have others visit in comfortable style.

2 individuals having a meal outside next to a white house and on stone.

Decks are now a central part of American culture, one that Archadeck celebrates.

An individual with hamburgers and hotdogs and giving them to others outside on a deck that has Fourth of July decorations.

And speaking of “celebrating”, with the July 4th holiday and Labor Day just around the corner, if you would like to explore what kind of deck would work best for your backyard – or if your current deck needs an upgrade, redecking, or replacement, we’d love to meet with you.

A complimentary design consultation is yours for the asking and you can start right here.

Roger Miller and Archadeck logo

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.