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How Would You Feel if You Bought a New Home and This Was the Deck that Came Along With It?

This is what happens when you hire someone who is not a true outdoor living space expert to build your project:

importance of using a professional deck builder

Believe it or not, this deck is just four years old.

This deck image was shared with us by the new homeowners to this home. They inherited this deck when they bought the home. They are so embarrassed with it that they reached out to us to discuss a resolution and new design.

Okay. Now that we have that settled, just imagine what a true outdoor living oasis could be, with Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.

importance of using a professional deck builderA champion of design and construction excellence, Archadeck starts with you, discovering what your hopes and dreams are for your new outdoor living space. Proudly recognized as the finest custom deck builder in the Dayton area, Archadeck will design the deck, porch, Archadeck will design the deck, porch, sunroom or other outdoor living space to meet your requirements. On top of that, we’ll make sure that you’ve given serious thought to how you plan on using the space, so the design will be functionally comprehensive as well as superbly crafted.

For example, you may want the natural richness of wood with pressure treated lumber as your decking material. But if you’re the type of family that want virtually zero maintenance, TimberTech composite decking would be an excellent choice.

importance of using a professional deck builderAnd if you entertain frequently, you’ll probably want a custom crafted drink rail, so your guests can comfortably relax and not have to worry about holding their summer cooler all evening.

And speaking of evening, it’s a safe bet that if you plan on enjoying many nights in your great outdoors, energy efficient illumination may be a good idea. Low voltage lighting can brighten the entire structure with the addition of safety lighting for stairs and to delineate the perimeter of the space.

importance of using a professional deck builderWhen you have the outdoor living professionals at Archadeck design and build your outdoor living project, not only will you enjoy the most beautiful and sound structure you could ever have imagined, but you’ll also add value to your home. Outdoor living spaces have become a tremendous asset in increasing usable living space and thereby increasing home values.

importance of using a professional deck builderLet us build your backyard masterpiece!

So now that we have piqued your interest with what outdoor living excellence is all about, let’s chat. It all starts right here by clicking on our information request form. We would consider it any honor to meet with you with absolutely no obligation whatsoever, because that’s good business. And that’s the only way we do business.

Tim Stephens, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.