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We predict that, as 2021 gets underway, Dayton and Cincinnati-area homeowners have not finished improving their outdoor living spaces. The time to reserve your place on Archadeck’s construction schedule is now.

Last year saw more homeowners than usual, including Archadeck clients, focus on creating, remodeling or improving their outdoor living areas. The driving force behind this trend, as you can imagine, was families spending more time at home, together, during the pandemic.

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For homeowners, the need to make their outdoor living spaces more comfortable, more functional – and sometimes larger – became a pressing concern. At the same time, many families who had budgeted money for travel in 2020 were able to shift funds over to make those outdoor living improvements.

We also think Americans – and Ohioans – gained more than just an appreciation for bigger and better decks, patios and porches in 2020. A huge positive is that we have also gained a renewed appreciation for spending time at home, outdoors, with family.

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You could say we’re getting back to basics, if the basics include a porch, deck and patio combination with outdoor kitchen and fire pit. We’re also reminded that spending time outdoors with friends and family who don’t live in our household is one way we’ve adapted to social distancing recommendations.

Outdoor Living Dominated 2020 Home Improvement Trends

Recently we saw an article on with information about the home improvement projects undertaken most in 2020. A survey of U.S. and Canadian homeowners in December 2020 showed that all categories in home improvement/remodeling saw increases last year. Most significant to us, the top four home improvement/remodeling categories last year were related to outdoor living:

1. Outdoor living structures including decks, patios, porches, fences, etc. “A direct reflection of people wanting to spend more quality time outside,” the article points out.

2. Exterior doorways, typically replaced in conjunction with the addition or remodeling of outdoor living structures.

3. Outdoor accessories such as privacy screens, pergolas, arbors, planter boxes and benches. We call these amenities, the extras that improve our clients’ outdoor spaces. Each of these can increase the aesthetics, comfort and functionality of Archadeck’s custom outdoor living designs.

4. Fireplaces and stoves, especially outdoors on decks and patios. As the article noted, these amenities “provide ambience and extend outdoor living into the colder months.” We’re always in favor of that!

What This Means for Our Clients in 2021: Plan Ahead

For our Dayton and Cincinnati-area clients, we do not see this trend of increased outdoor living construction slowing in 2021. All signs indicate we can expect more of the same this year. What does this mean for you?

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As you may know, our industry has encountered some materials shortages as well as price increases specifically on pressure-treated lumber. Even if you select low-maintenance composites for your project, we use wood for building the support structures under decks and porches. These shortages also include synthetic deck materials, too. So these market factors will likely impact you, the consumer.

Here’s some insight from the market research firm that conducted the December 2020 survey, Insight into Consumer Purchasing During Pandemic, referenced in the article above. They suggest that materials shortages and increased lumber prices have created pent-up demand among homeowners. Perhaps you are one of those homeowners waiting for prices to return to normal and shortages to disappear in 2021. You are not alone.

Don’t Wait to Call Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

We advise you to plan ahead. Demand for top-tier outdoor living design and build firms like Archadeck will only increase in the year that’s already underway. This means it’s important to contact us as early as possible to talk about your plans for a new or improved outdoor living space. The sooner you get started, the sooner we can add your project to our construction schedule. We want to work with you in 2021.

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Are you ready to talk about building the custom deck, porch or patio and fire pit you’ve been wanting? Contact Archadeck of West Central and SW Ohio today to get started.

Let this be the year that Archadeck makes your outdoor living dreams come true!