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For a New Deck, Porch or Patio in 2020, the Time to Call Is NOW

If you’ve postponed plans for adding or improving an outdoor living space at your Dayton or Cincinnati-area home this year, we need your attention. That’s right! It is time to sit up and take stock of what has—and has not—been accomplished so far on your list of 2020 goals. At Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio, we want to add your outdoor living project to our schedule—this year. Those who wait will probably see their project scheduled in 2021.

Deck with outdoor furniture and built in planters

Like many homeowners in the midst of disrupted schedules and canceled vacations this year, have you taken your eye off the ball? It would certainly be understandable! That’s why we’re reaching out to ask about your 2020 home improvement goals. We’re particularly interested in your 2020 goals that involve adding new deck, porch, 3-season room or patio to your home.

Planning a New Deck or Screened Porch in 2020?

Perhaps you’ve been planning to replace an older deck with a new wood deck —or one made with low-maintenance composite materials. Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking up that old patio and replacing it with a screened porch custom-designed for your home. If so, it’s time to shift from a “wait and see” mode into full force “get it done” momentum.

Second story wooden deck with white railing and outdoor furniture

Many homeowners don’t realize the time it can take to go from planning an outdoor living project to seeing it completed. All of the details that need to be tied down, and the groundwork that’s required—all of that may seem like a “black box.” You put your plans for a deck-and-screened porch combination project into that black box and, voila, out pops your finished project. Not so fast!

gold hourglass in the sand

You might think we could start working on your project as soon as you contact us. Here’s a word of advice, though: Be wary of a builder who says he can get to your project tomorrow … We recommend that clients factor in plenty of “wait time.” Experienced, reliable contractors always have a backlog of scheduled projects. That doesn’t mean you should consider a less-qualified builder for your new deck or screened porch!

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Hoping to Add a New Paver Patio This Year?

When you contact Archadeck of West Central and Southwest Ohio to talk about that new patio you want, your call initiates a series of events. Each one of these events or activities can take some time, and some may take more time than others.

4 adults around a deck with built in firepit

First, we need to meet with you and talk about your project. This is our free design consultation. Then, it’s not unusual for an outdoor living project design to go through a few iterations. Once you sign a contract to work with us on the project, that’s when everything else that needs to happen is set into motion. For example:

  • Is HOA approval required? How often do they meet?
  • What permits will we need? What is the local building department’s turnaround time?
  • What materials will we need to order? Do our suppliers have them in stock, or will we have to wait for delivery?

Remember, we can’t add your project to our construction schedule until you sign a contract with us. If you want to put our considerable experience, industry knowledge, and innovation to work for you this year, now is the time to call.

Will 2020 Be the Year You Finally Add a 3-season Room?

As spring becomes summer, you may want that Eze Breeze porch or 3-season room now more than ever. And we want you to have it! Here’s the bottom line: the sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started on that project with you. Waiting even a little while longer could mean a huge delay for you.

woman sitting on rocking bench on her deck with fireplace lit behind her, text says: Even at home you can still get away. Design now. Build Later. Virtual Design Consultations Available.

If you’ve postponed your outdoor living project because of the many uncertainties in our lives this spring, many other homeowners have done the same. At some point, everyone will realize the year is half over and they don’t have that new 3-season room or screened porch project scheduled yet. As the months roll forward, some lucky homeowner is going to get the last spot on our 2020 construction calendar. The next in line will see their project started in 2021. That’s next year! So don’t wait!

Have you been waiting for a better time to start moving forward on your 2020 outdoor living project? This is the better time! Contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today at (937) 563-4847.

Tim Stephens, owner of Archadeck of West Central Ohio

Let this be the year that Archadeck makes your outdoor living dreams come true.