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Put Archadeck’s Experience, Industry Knowledge, and Innovation to Work for You

Working with expert outdoor living builder Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio is a refreshing experience for homeowners. You’ll realize quickly you’re in good hands. Do you remember that advertising slogan, Leave the driving to us? While we won’t drive you across the country, we will bring our vast experience as a Dayton deck designer, northern Cincinnati porch builder, and more.

What else do we bring to the table? Our knowledge of the industry and how it has evolved, and our ability to find solutions and contribute ideas can take your project from ordinary to awesome!

Your Local Deck Designer and Builder Knows Brands

There was a time when everyone built decks with wood, mostly pressure-treated pine. Cedar was an option, and exotic hardwoods filled out the higher end of the market. What changed? Everything and nothing!


Wood is still a reliable building material for all kinds of outdoor living projects including decks, covered porches, pergolas, screened porches, and three-season rooms. Many of our clients prefer wood for its affordability and traditional look, and they don’t mind the maintenance required to keep it looking great.


Meanwhile, we’ve all seen the newer arrivals, the low-maintenance wood alternatives called composite and synthetic decking, move into the outdoor living industry. They’re here to stay, and we’re building more than decks with these materials. Manufacturers are constantly refining and improving them. The warranties on these newer materials have increased from 20 years to 30 and in some cases longer.

You may be familiar with the two or three most well-known brands of composite/synthetic decking. Those are not the only reliable brands available. A homeowner doing their own research will never have the perspective on these brands, comparatively, that your Archadeck outdoor living designer and builder has. Years of working with low-maintenance materials and following industry developments through trade publications, etc., have given us inside knowledge the typical homeowner doesn’t have. Ask us!

Your Local Porch Designer and Builder Offers Ideas and Solutions

Are you stuck trying to figure out where and how to add that new screened porch you’ve been wanting? Give yourself a break, because this is probably not your area of expertise. Unless you’ve been designing and building outdoor living spaces for 25 or 30 years, you need to consult an expert in the field. That expert is Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.


We’ve worked with many, many different home styles and property layouts, and we are always innovating. No two projects are alike—no two decks, no two porches, no two hardscapes, etc. Conditions differ, and homeowners’ tastes and preferences differ. That’s why we custom design every project we build. So bring us your ideas, and let us share our ideas with you, too. Let’s collaborate.


Are you trying to work through a problem relating to a new three-season room or four-season room addition you want? Schedule a design consultation with us and you’ll understand why you should have called us sooner! Can’t figure out where to put the outdoor kitchen you want, and whether you need a deck or patio to enjoy it? Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio can evaluate your site and recommend the best options. Working with us makes everything easier for you!

Archadeck Succeeds by Listening to You


Along with our experience, our emphasis on listening to you describe what you do and don’t want in an outdoor living space is key. Archadeck’s comprehensive needs analysis will help you clarify what kind of deck, patio, or porch design will create the “outdoor living lifestyle” you want. If it takes thinking outside the box to get there, we can do that. We do that!

Tell us about your outdoor living needs, your budget, and spatial requirements. Even if you just have vague notions about what you want, it helps to start somewhere! The sooner you share your ideas and questions with an expert outdoor living contractor, the sooner you’ll see a design take shape. We’ll factor in your home’s architecture, property layout, etc., to create an outdoor living space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Are you ready to talk with a top-rated designer and builder with expertise in all aspects of outdoor living construction? Contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today at (937) 563-4847.


Let this be the year that Archadeck makes your outdoor living dreams come true.