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Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio Wet Weather Days Bring Construction Delays

Rainboots and umbrella

Instead of asking “How’s life been treating you lately?” we’ll ask it like this: “How’s the weather been treating YOUR outdoor construction project lately?” Specifically, your outdoor living project. Perhaps one that Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio is building for you?

Many of our customers are frustrated that our recent rainy weather is wreaking havoc on the construction schedule for their outdoor living project. The deck or porch they had expected to be started by now has not begun yet. Why, why, why? We share your frustration and wish we could handle the weather as just another obstacle to be overcome, but we can’t. It’s Mother Nature, and she will not be handled

Mother Nature has the upper hand!

You know the saying, The grass is always greener on the other side? If you have rain every single day, the grass is going to be greener on your side, too, and that is certainly the case here in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Every. Single. Day. And we aren’t just having rain, but big ol’ thunderstorms that send everyone running for cover. In addition, when dealing with thunderstorms personal safety becomes a factor.

As you can see from this climate graph, below taken from the National Weather Service, The Dayton area has received above normal rainfall for much of 2018.

Graph of Dayton Rainfall Data

Dominoes lined up

The reason we mention the weather is to acknowledge—and make you aware, if you’re not already—that Archadeck IS behind schedule at this time. Not only does that affect the clients whose projects we are building right now, it also affects those who are scheduled to come after them. It’s the proverbial domino effect.

We are doing what we can to move things along, but you must be aware that we cannot control or mitigate weather-related construction delays. For example, when these heavy rains and thunderstorms hits our job site, our crew rushes to cover work in progress and to secure materials and equipment including power tools. We don’t send a crew home because it’s storming. Since we all know the storm will pass fairly quickly, the crew waits for it to clear, and then they jump back into the job. There is still a delay while they uncover what they just covered, etc., before they can swing back into full building mode.

Thunderstorms with lightning and rain are hazardous. We take the safety of our crews seriously—and the safety of your property, as well, because unsecured equipment and materials can do damage in heavy winds.

The crew doesn’t get advance notice of a storm bearing down. These late summer afternoon thunderstorms move so erratically it’s hard for the meteorologists to predict where they will strike. Once the storm passes, it still takes time to set everything back up and get going again—turning a day’s work into a day and a half.

We Share the Same Goal: Providing You With The Outdoor Living Space You’ve Been Waiting For

As a company that derives joy from designing and building outdoor living projects our client’s LOVE, we understand your excitement. Of course, you are eager for your Dayton deck, porch or patio project to be completed so you can start enjoying it. When we first give you a construction schedule, you know bad weather could be a factor, but until it happens to you, it’s not part of your reality.

We appreciate your patience as we get through these next several weeks of continuing scattered afternoon storms. We share your frustration, and we want your project to be completed just as much as you do. You can contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today at (937) 563-4847.

 Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.
Roger Miller, owner, Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.