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What Does the Good Economy Mean for My Outdoor Living Project?

In a strong economy, we see that employment rates are higher than they have been, and consumer spending is rising. That’s good, right? Then … why does it seem difficult to get a new deck, porch or three-season room completed? Or to even get one scheduled?

Dollar Bills and an arrow trending up
— What does the good economy mean for my outdoor living project?

At Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio, we see this situation and realize it may seem contradictory to the consumer, not to mention frustrating. It’s actually frustrating to us, the outdoor living space builder, as well.

Hammer with wooden handle

In a good economy, business is good, right? We should hear hammers swinging all over west central and southwest Ohio. Everywhere in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas, decks should practically be building themselves. An experienced, reputable contractor should be managing multiple building projects across the service area simultaneously.

Cold, Hard Realities Affecting the Homeowner AND the Builder

…Yes, it’s the economy.

More Delays

• One reason why Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio isn’t coordinating a dozen building projects across the area is because we have encountered a shortage of skilled laborers. We can’t staff that many crews. While we can meet with you, design your project and sign a contract, your project may be scheduled farther out than you would like.

• Once your deck, porch or other outdoor living structure is scheduled, as your start date approaches we order the materials we’ll need to build it. With the volume of building going on right now, we are experiencing longer lead times for materials. We try to anticipate those delays and order farther in advance, but that doesn’t always solve the problem.

Archadeck scheduler

• Follow this scenario: We have the HOA approval and building permits; we have your crew on site working as fast as they can—weather permitting, of course—so, now what? The building inspector’s schedule is backlogged. He can’t be two places at one time. He’ll get to us “when he gets to us.” Most building departments have not staffed up for a stronger economy. If they have, it’s not enough.

Higher Costs

On another front, the strong economy is actually driving up the costs of building materials. When pricing is based on supply and demand, and demand is high, supply decreases, so manufacturers can charge a higher price. We are seeing that happen right now.

Deck with built in hot tub

What’s a Homeowner to Do? “Be Patient.”

None of us have ever liked being told we must be patient. We didn’t like it when we were kids, and we don’t like it now. However, that’s the best advice we can give you right now.

Vaulted ceiling

We DO want to design and build your outdoor living project. We want to design the deck or paver patio of your dreams, whether that is wood or composite, one level or two, with an outdoor fire pit… or other amenities.

Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio is your Dayton area deck, patio and porch builder. We will design a porch and a patio you’ll receive compliments on for years to come. But you’ll have to be patient.

Archadeck is worth waiting for. Here are the top three reasons:

Construction workers building a deck

1. Our thorough and careful design process means you get the perfect outdoor living project for your needs. We place a lot of attention on how you want to use your new deck, patio, porch or three-season room. When we design and build your project, it is custom made to fit your unique home and to satisfy your specific wants, needs and desires.

2. The quality of our work stands out in the marketplace. We are known for high quality, and we prove it on every job. Our standards are high. We won’t go rogue and cut corners to get the job done faster. (But you knew that.)

3. Archadeck backs our work with a warranty on workmanship and a warranty on structural integrity. We guarantee your project will be completed to the terms of your contract. We follow all manufacturers’ guidelines so the manufacturers’ warranties on the materials we use are not voided by improper installation.

A Note of Caution

If you don’t want to be patient and wait for the high-quality contractor, you may not be pleased with the results. If you rush to have your project completed by a certain holiday or by the date of your daughter’s wedding, you may end up hiring a contractor who can’t complete the work. Worse, you may have to call in a second (and better) contractor to fix problems created by the first. In our estimation, that is not a good tradeoff.

If you are ready to talk with a top-rated designer and builder about a new or improved outdoor living space at your home, contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today at (937) 563-4847.

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio
Roger Miller, owner, Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.