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Dayton and Cincinnati-area homeowners: There’s no need to feel guilty for wanting more outdoor living space and amenities

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How is an outdoor living enthusiast like a fitness junkie? No, it’s not a riddle or trick question. At Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio, we’ve noticed the similarities, and we want to reassure you there’s no reason to feel guilty if you crave a newer or bigger outdoor living space at your home. It’s natural to reach one plateau only to find yourself seeking the next challenge or a deeper sense of completion and accomplishment.

For one thing, you can get caught up in the excitement of it. The results can be amazing, so naturally you want to take it further, if you can.

When you first think about adding a deck, porch, 3-season room or patio, for example, you may not know a lot about what you’re getting into. As you talk with professionals, or other homeowners, and do your own research online, you become more confident. You learn to distinguish what you like and don’t like and what feels right for you. You’ll develop a sense of when you need to follow the path others have taken (don’t reinvent the wheel) and when you need to go your own way.

Backyard hardscape

Let’s say you simply want to add a new deck to your home, so you call Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio, premier Dayton and Cincinnati, OH, deck builder. We’ll take you through the planning and design stages as we talk about what kind of deck you want, what shape, what size, one level or more than one level, etc. We also have the ability to prepare 3-D renderings so you can see the proposed design from several angles. We’ll help you select materials by going over the pros and cons of natural wood versus synthetic composites as well as the costs, various color options, different types of railings, stair designs, built-in bench seating, etc.

Deck and hardscaping

Before long, your new deck is completed and you’re ready to invite friends and family to come enjoy it with you. Don’t be surprised if you experience some pride or even a thrill of accomplishment. You love how it looks and how it feels to have this new outdoor living space as part of your home. Just having a deck expands how, when and where you enjoy your home – whether you’re relaxing with family or entertaining guests.

Is it enough? Hmmm. Maybe for a while. But eventually you may realize you want more. The deck is great, but … a deck and porch combination would be even better. At this point many homeowners decide to convert that first deck to a covered or screened porch and build a new deck off of that structure, perhaps doubling their outdoor living space. You may like the idea of having a covered area for protection from sun and rain as well as an open deck for days – and evenings – when the weather beckons you outdoors.

Furnished patio

The whole design-and-build process will be easier the second time because you know so much more about it. Again you call Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio, premier Dayton and Cincinnati, OH, deck and porch builder. Again you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when your new two-part outdoor living project is completed. Maybe even an adrenaline rush. It’s not so much about the compliments you receive from the friends and business associates you entertain in your new space. It’s more about how good you feel as you continue to expand the ways you enjoy your home.

You probably see where this path is leading. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, grilling out and eating on the porch or deck, you’ll probably start thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen. You’ll seek out photos of combination outdoor living spaces where the porch, deck and outdoor kitchen areas work together to create a continuous stretch of possibilities for relaxing and entertaining outdoors. You’ll also begin to notice patios everywhere you go – those fabulous stone surfaces, the perfect design partnered with a deck.

Firberon deck

You’ll also become aware of amenities you might not have considered when you added that first deck. Outdoor lighting for accent and ambiance. A seating wall. An outdoor fireplace or a fire pit made of stone. An awning or canopy for shade, a covered pergola over the new patio for protection from sun and rain, or a decorative pergola as a space-defining design element.

Are you a fitness junkie? Do you enjoy the way your sport or workout regimen makes you feel? Do you feel guilty about that? No!

It has been said that the deck can be a “gateway” leading you down the path to a full-blown combination outdoor living space, and we have seen where that path can lead for hundreds of satisfied homeowners!

TimberTech deck

Whether you’re interested in adding a new deck – or you’ve already reached the point of wanting a combination outdoor living space – we can help you explore those possibilities. Contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today at (937) 563-4847.

Roger Miller, owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio

Roger Miller, owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio