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Oakville Under-Deck Drainage Systems Create Dry Space for Additional Outdoor Living Under Your Elevated Deck

Have you ever thought the space under your elevated or second story deck as wasted? Have you found that even though you have a patio below it doesn’t get used nearly as much as it could? Oakville under decking is a great option for adding function below your elevated deck.

custom deck drainage

What is Under Decking?

With a variety of names, under decking, under deck drainage system, sealed deck, under deck roof, under deck gutters, under-deck waterproofing, these systems all have the same goal. The systems divert water or melting snow that would normally drip through the deck boards to keep the space under the deck dry. This creates a completely dry space under your deck that can be transformed into a dry patio, deck, or outdoor room.

How do Under-Deck Drainage Systems Work?

While there are several products on the market, they all generally work the same. With a series of troughs and gutters installed under your deck boards on the support joists. Water that would normally drip through is channeled down a gutter to a location that is more convenient.

The Many Benefits of a Dry Deck System

With the addition of an under deck drainage system, your options for the area under your deck grow exponentially. While many simply enjoy the new dry and shady space, others take it up a level. With the dry deck system, we can add a decorative ceiling, electricity, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and more. We can even transform the space under your deck into a three-season room or screened-in patio. With the deck as your roof, you’re allowing an already existing structure to pull double duty.

Under deck drainage systems are perfect for homes with walkout basements, on steep slopes, split-level designs, upper-floor balconies or decks, and any home with an elevated deck. Deck drainage systems can even be used on main-floor or low-to-grade decks to keep moisture from building up underneath, extending the life of your deck’s substructure. A perfect choice for Toronto’s wintery and wet climate.

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