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Want a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Living Space? Archadeck of Suburban Boston is Your Pet-Friendly Porch, Deck, & Sunroom Builder!

If you want an outdoor living space designed with your pets in mind, Archadeck of Suburban Boston is on your wavelength! We know what it means to consider your pet a member of the family. When your dog or cat is an important part of your life, he or she is a part of your outdoor living lifestyle as well.

Why Not Design a Deck, Screened Porch, or Three- or Four-Season Roomwith Your Dog or Cat in Mind?

Our pets enjoy the outdoors as much as we do—probably even more! When you work with Archadeck of Boston to plan a new porch, deck, or patio, your pet’s needs can be part of the plan. Whether you’re a dog lover, or you belong to a cat, we think you’ll appreciate our close attention to your pet’s comfort and safety outdoors. We look forward to helping you create an outdoor space that addresses the needs of your beloved four-legged friends.

Let’s look at some of the design features and amenities we can incorporate into your outdoor living space to make it enjoyable and safe for your pets.

Patio or Low-to-Grade Deck – The least restrictive outdoor pet environment is one that does not have a door. If your yard is fenced, your dog can enjoy the freedom of a patio or deck. One minute the little fellow might be lying right beside you, basking in the sun. The next minute he might be exploring the far corners of the yard. All he will ask is that you keep a water bowl outside filled with fresh water. When it comes to muddy paw prints, low-maintenance composite or synthetic decks are easiest to keep clean. They are also splinter-free—another priority on a deck built for a dog. We can even give you advice about which deck surfaces will be cooler to the touch of your pup’s tender paws on hot days. In cooler weather, a sunny spot on the patio will likely be your indoor-outdoor cat’s favorite spot for a cat nap.

Add an Outdoor Living Space Your Pets Can Enjoy, Too.

Deck with Pet Gate – If your yard isn’t fenced, or your deck is elevated, let Archadeck of Boston design your new deck with a custom pet gate. Much like a baby gate, a pet gate helps ensure your fur-baby’s safety outdoors. Some pet gates swing open on hinges, while others roll aside, parallel with the deck railing so the gate doesn’t take up additional space. The size of your deck and the stair placement may determine what type of pet gate will work best for your deck. A custom pet gate is an ideal solution that will allow the entire family—including the dog—to enjoy the deck together.

Add an Outdoor Living Space Your Pets Can Enjoy, Too.

Screened Porch – Everyone knows a New England screened porch is cozierwhen your furry friends can enjoy it with you.Consider having a knee wall or balusters fill the space along the lower portion of your screens, below the handrail. Otherwise, rambunctious dogs have been known to ruin a good porch screen, while cats may be tempted to use screens as a scratching post. If you prefer your view unobstructed, we can recommend heavy-duty screens made to withstand a certain amount of pet interaction. Don’t forget to include a pet door so the furry ones can roam freely from inside the house, out to the screened porch, and back inside.

Three-Season Room – Choosing pet friendly materials means you’ll have an outdoor space that is easy to clean after an accident. Ceramic tile is an excellent flooring choice for a three-season porch, four-season room, or sunroom. A pet door is a popular amenity for any enclosed outdoor room whether it is enclosed with screens or windows. You may even want two pet doors—one from the house to the porch and another from the porch to the yard.

When the Pets Are Relaxed, the Rest of the Family Can Relax

Thinking about adding a flagstone or paver patio, a low-maintenance deck, or a screened porch or three-season room to your home? If you have pets, there are numerous ways we can design a pet-friendly outdoor living area as a relaxing space for you and your pets. At Archadeck of Suburban Boston, we have designed and built more than a few pet-friendly outdoor living spaces. Quite a few, as a matter of fact! We would love to create a special outdoor room for you and your pets to enjoy together.

Add an Outdoor Living Space Your Pets Can Enjoy, Too.

Contact Archadeck of Suburban Boston today to learn more about how we can enhance your home with a pet-friendly outdoor living space.