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August is National Curb Appeal Month. Does Your Home Need an Inviting Front Porch or Portico?

National Curb Appeal Month is a timely reminder to take a fresh look at the front of your home. How do you feel about its appearance? Is the front of your home welcoming, or simply neutral? Could it benefit from a makeover? Your Home’s Front Entry Speaks for You—What Should It Say?

curb appeal

While many homeowners associate “curb appeal” with selling their home, at Archadeck of Suburban Boston, curb appeal is an every-day concept. An inviting front porch, whether it’s formal or relaxed in style, sets a welcoming tone for neighbors, visitors, and even family members. What kind of welcome does your home extend to you each time you return? After you add a new front porch or portico to your home, you will feel a warm sense of satisfaction when you arrive home. That’s a good feeling!

Archadeck of Suburban Boston specializes in designing and building many types of front porches as well as porticos. We have many years of experience designing front entries, each one matching the architectural style of the home for which we designed it. Whether it’s a traditional front porch, large Farmer’s Porch, or formal Captain’s Porch, a new front entry can transform your home more than you might imagine. That’s what National Curb Appeal Month is all about.

Enjoy the Comfort of a Traditional Front Porch

This traditional front porch in Lincoln, MA, is an excellent example of the power of a porch to transform a home’s appearance. It’s also an example of the way our work stays true to a home’s original architecture. The porch is large enough for the homeowners and a couple of friends to sit comfortably but not large enough to overpower the home’s classic appearance. As you can see, we were careful to keep the porch features proportionate to the house. Even the pitch of the porch’s hip roof mimics the home’s main roof. Elements that you can’t see here include 6” wide pine flooring and a flat beadboard ceiling, just right for this 19th Century home. Look at the amazing before and after transformation below.

before image


front porch after picture


Make Your Home Stand Out with A Formal Captain’s Porch

One of our favorite projects is this classic New England Captain’s Porch in Winchester, MA, built in the Federal style. This type of porch is more formal than some, matching the home perfectly. Dignified and stately, a Captain’s Porch always makes a bold statement. Every detail of this porch design and construction contributes to the desired effect. The dentil moulding is a distinctive feature that stands out even from a distance. We won two design awards for this elegant Captain’s Porch. We won a first place Archadeck Design Award in the Porch and Enclosures category. We also received a Master Design Award from Qualified Remodeler for this Captain’s Porch. The Qualified Remodeler Master Design Awards competition recognizes remodelers, architects, builders and other professionals for outstanding project design and construction.

family on porch

Invite the Neighbors to Enjoy Your Farmer’s Porch

Another type of front porch that makes a big impression is a Farmer’s Porch. This type of porch is longer and wider than some and built for lots of “old-timey” outdoor living. It has ample room for rocking chairs or even a couple of porch swings. On a Farmer’s Porch, family and guests can relax, enjoy the view of the front yard and the street, and greet friends passing by. The porch roof shades folks sitting on the porch, creating a temperature difference that helps stir up a cooling breeze. The porch roof also blocks sunlight from shining into the home’s front windows. So this porch can help cool the home’s interior, too. There is more than one reason to add a Farmer’s Porch to your home. As you can tell, Archadeck of Suburban Boston makes sure a new porch looks like it has always been part of the home.

porch 27

Maybe a Portico is the Right Style for Your Home’s Front Entry

A portico is smaller than a front porch but just as capable of increasing your home’s curb appeal. Even a simple portico can dramatically enhance your home’s appearance. In addition to welcoming your guests, a portico shelters them (and you) from rain at your doorstep. With a portico to protect you, you will not get soaked while fishing in your purse or pocket for your front door key.

Take a look at this front entry before and after adding a portico, which do you prefer?

front porch


after image


See more of Archadeck of Suburban Boston’s incredible front porches and porticos:

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