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How Will You Use Your New Screened Porch or 3-Season Room?

Where would you prefer to be this fall – indoors, or outside enjoying your comfortable, new screened porch or three-season room?

In either of these protected outdoor spaces, you can enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of insects. You’ll also have screened porch rain protection with either one. For these reasons, screened-in porches and three-season rooms are among the most popular structures we build for our clients.

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Screened Porch or 3-Season Room.

Sometimes homeowners ask us to help them weigh the pros and cons – screened porch vs. three-season room. During months when the outdoor temperatures in NE Mass. feel good to you, these two types of outdoor rooms offer similar benefits. When the weather turns a bit cooler, a three-season room will allow you to enjoy the outdoors longer. Why? Because in addition to screens, three-season rooms also have windows you can close to keep out the chill. Three-season rooms are like screened porches with windows you can open and close – and you can even remove the windows for the summer!

3-season room and screened porch options: How many ways will you use your new outdoor room?

Screened Porch or 3-Season Room.

Chances are very good that your outdoor room will become your favorite room. One of the joys of screened porches and three-season rooms alike is their versatility. When it comes to screened porches, ideas for their uses may start flowing until there is no guessing where they might lead. If you are creative, the variety of screened porch options may surprise you. The same can be said for three season rooms ideas, too.

You can make your outdoor room multi-functional, or you can design it with a singular purpose in mind. Will yours be a sun-dappled reading nook, a place to enjoy tea and classical music, or the fun place your neighbors gather to watch sports?

Here are a few examples of a multi-functional enclosed porch or 3-season room:

  • Work-from-home office by day, TV room by night

Working from home inside a screen porch can feel quite luxurious. If you spend hours each day looking at a computer, reduce your eye strain by gazing off into the outdoors from time to time. This arrangement works especially well if you have a partition or room divider where you can hide your desk when not in use. If you need to leave your work out on a table, cover it with a colorful scarf. On summer evenings, you can watch your favorite tv shows on the porch while nature’s daytime creatures retreat and fireflies twinkle in the darkness.

Screened Porch or 3-Season Room.

  • Craft room by day, game room in the evenings

Whether crafting is your business or leisure-time activity, crafting on a screened porch can help you get into your creative zone. On a porch or in a three-season room with the windows open, you’ll be surrounded by nature’s sights, sounds, and seasonal scents. What a delicious way to lose track of time! We highly recommend the therapeutic powers of crafting or making art on a porch. In the evenings, invite friends for bridge, poker, or other favorite games. A screened room will protect you from mosquitoes as well as moths and beetles drawn to the porch lights after sunset.

Screened Porch or 3-Season Room.

  • Playroom on the weekends, work-from-home office during the week

If you spend playtime with the children or grandchildren on the weekends, a screened porch or three season room makes a delightful playroom. You can enjoy the warm daytime breezes, enhanced with the use of a ceiling fan when those natural breezes need a boost. Teach the little ones about caterpillars and butterflies without worrying about whether a child will wander off or get stung by a bee. A large toybox in one corner of the porch gives you a place to store the toys away while you’re working during the week.

Screened Porch or 3-Season Room.

Start planning now if you want to enjoy your outdoor room by fall!

Whether you want to collect your ideas first, or begin by calling Archadeck of Suburban Boston to talk about plans, the time to start is now. Ideally you should contact us at least two seasons before you want to enjoy your new outdoor room.

Because we are one of the area’s premier outdoor living design-and-build firms, our services are always in demand. That means we usually have a backlog of projects. So, our advice is not to wait, whether you’re considering a new screened porch or three-season room. The sooner we start working on your custom design, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your new outdoor room.

Screened Porch or 3-Season Room.

At Archadeck of Suburban Boston, we have designed and built hundreds of screened porches and hundreds of three-season rooms. We have created the three season rooms Sudbury homeowners were dreaming of – and the same is true in N. Andover and Bedford, too. Now, we would love to create a spectacular outdoor room for your home this year.

Contact Archadeck of Suburban Boston today to learn more about how we can enhance your home with the perfect outdoor living space for your needs.