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How to Prepare for Your Kansas City Outdoor Building Project

At Archadeck of Kansas City, we share a lot of information about what to expect if you choose us to build your outdoor living space. This blog topic is a little different.

The information provided herein, is what happens once you have signed your Archadeck of Kansas City outdoor building contract. You have already received your custom design consultation and a beautiful rendering of your intended space. You have approved all your design and building specifications and put your project under contract. So, what happens next?

Kansas City Outdoor Building ProjectOlathe KS deck and porch design by Archadeck

Out of sight, but not out of mind.

Now that your outdoor living space is under contract, Archadeck of Kansas City has assigned a building crew and projected start date. While our back-and-forth conversations have paused, this does not mean that we are not thinking about you and your project. Here in our office, we are ordering your building materials, and securing your blueprints, project permitting, and building inspections. Out in the field, your building crew is hard at work to remain on-schedule so they can begin your project on time. What’s more, when your assigned building crew is only one project out, we will let you know!

Kansas City Outdoor Building ProjectStyled screen porch design

Oh, the anticipation!

This is the part where our clients begin to really anticipate building their porch or deck. You might be envisioning a particular activity or holiday celebration in your new outdoor living space. The wait can seem difficult to endure, but there are things you can do in the meantime to prepare for your project to begin. Doing so will ensure that you do not experience unnecessary delays.

Kansas City Outdoor Building ProjectChoose your fireplace stone early to keep your project on pace.

HOA approval should have been done by the time your porch or deck project is under contract, and after that:

  1. Remove landscaping and/or structure(s), like a hot tub.
  2. Purchase your ceiling fan(s).Kansas City Outdoor Building Project
  3. Purchase/plan for porch or deck furnishings & accessories.
  4. Purchase your specialty lighting fixtures.
  5. Purchase your pet door if one will be installed.
  6. Choose your fireplace stone if your porch or deck has an outdoor fireplace.
  7. Purchase your TV mount if you will have a TV in your outdoor space.

Note: If anything has changed from the specifications of your original signed contract, please call Archadeck of Kansas City immediately to avoid project delays.

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