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Is an outdoor fireplace worth the investment?

If you are considering hiring Archadeck of Kansas City to build your screened porch, you might be wondering whether adding an outdoor fireplace will be worth it.

There is no doubt that outdoor fireplaces are striking features in custom outdoor living designs. We are often asked about whether they are a worthy investment. It really all depends on your intended use. While you might believe that outdoor fireplaces are added solely for warming your screen porch, some clients choose to include them for ambiance alone.

Outdoor patioOutdoor fireplace inside Leawood KS screened porch

Different strokes for different folks

Outdoor patioAre you considering adding an outdoor fireplace to your Archadeck porch or deck design for added use in cool weather? Fireplaces are fantastic additions for extending your time outdoors each year. Do you want to use your screened porch on crisp fall days, or are you thinking about ways to use your porch on cold winter days?

Depending on your tolerance to cold weather, an outdoor fireplace alone might not give you all that you need.

Heating your porch in cool weather vs. cold weather

Imagine sipping cocoa and watching holiday movies in the Christmas season on your screened porch. While not all days in December are typical, weather-wise. The average daily high in December is about 45°F. We might see days that are slightly warmer, but evening movies and morning coffee on your porch can be cold. A porch fireplace will help you enjoy your screened porch by adding warmth. You can include a ceiling fan, which will help circulate warm air produced by your fireplace. Even still, it might be too cold in the Christmas season for you to fully enjoy the space. You can dress for the weather and bring your favorite comfy throw to keep warmer. Or you can add heat in other ways.

Outdoor patioLenexa KS screened porch fireplace

Additional heat sources for porches with fireplaces

One popular choice for augmenting the warmth produced by an outdoor fireplace is buying a portable porch heater. There are many choices for style and size, and you can readily find these heaters at local brick and mortars or online. There are a couple of negative attributes to these porch heat sources. First, propane heaters like you see here, must be refilled. They can also produce noise in your peaceful outdoor space. Additionally, they will take up space on your porch.

Outdoor patioLeawood KS porch fireplace and portable propane heat source

Is there a better heating option than an outdoor fireplace and portable heater?

Outdoor patioYes! If you are considering an outdoor fireplace for heat alone, you have another option. A fireplace will add more than $10K in cost to your outdoor living design. The fire box alone for an outdoor unit will cost an average of $2,500. If you are looking to heat your porch, there is a more cost-effective solution. That solution is installed radiant heating. Radiant heating will add less than $2K to your porch project and will heat your space much better than a fireplace. So, if heat is all you’re looking for, a fireplace might not be worth your investment.

Do you need a fireplace to mount a TV?

If you are thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to your porch or deck just to accommodate mounting a TV, you should know that a fireplace is not necessary. At Archadeck of Kansas City, we often build TV walls in lieu of outdoor fireplaces. TV walls can be finished in cultured stone, tongue and groove wood, or even drywall, just like an interior wall.

Outdoor patioYou don’t need a fireplace to mount a TV on your porch.

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As luxury upgrades, outdoor fireplaces reign supreme

If you are simply looking for a way to make your outdoor living space a standout with a luxurious upgrade, an outdoor fireplace will fit the bill. Archadeck of Kansas City will work with you to customize your porch or deck with a fireplace to create a one-of-a-kind designer space. This is not an uncommon request for our custom screened porches. Clients often wish to make their space more luxurious. The texture, color, and ambiance added by an outdoor fireplace are unmatched. Any heat provided by the fireplace will be a bonus.

Outdoor patioLuxurious screened porch and fireplace design.

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