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How do you light a screened porch?

One of the design decisions you will make when building a custom screened porch is how you will light it. Lighting is important for both the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor living space. So, how do you light a screened porch?

When it comes to lighting your screened porch there is no right or wrong way to do it. Some prefer overhead lighting, while others require a more ambient approach. It all depends on how you wish to use your screened porch after dark, and how you want your porch to look when the lights come on. Archadeck of Kansas City can light your screened porch in a variety of ways.

lighting ideas for screened porch

Beautiful screened porch lighting

Lighting ideas for your screened porch

Lighting your new porch is all about planning. Archadeck of Kansas City will help you choose which of these seven options will best suit your outdoor living requirements.

#1 – LED Rope Lighting

One of the more popular screened porch lighting ideas is LED rope lighting. How do we accommodate porches to receive rope lighting? First, we custom-build a soffit, or area of recess, where the rope lighting is obscured from view. Then, we are sure to place electrical outlets up high, where the rope lights can be plugged in without requiring extra lengths of cord hanging down to a lower wall outlet. The result is ambient lighting, not too bright or dark – a nice designer touch. We ca also add outlets at the proper height if you plan to string lights on your porch for the holidays or other special occasions. Your Archadeck of Kansas City Design Consultant will discuss placement of electrical outlets in the initial planning stages of your porch, so we are sure to accommodate any future need you might have.

lighting ideas for screened porch

LED rope lighting for screened porch

#2 – Ceiling Beam Up-lighting

Another popular choice for screened porch lighting is up-lighting. This lighting method involves placing small spotlight fixtures atop porch ceiling beams. These can be actual load-bearing beams, or faux beams, as shown in the photo below. Like rope lighting, this method creates an ambient overhead porch lighting option. The added benefit is in the aesthetic of the faux beam, even when the lights are off, as open beam is very sought-after ceiling aesthetic.

lighting ideas for screened porch

Ceiling beam up-lighting for screened porches

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#3 – Recessed Lighting

Recessed porch lighting is also an option, especially if you require a more direct task light after dark. Like interior recessed lights, these can be made dimmable for a more ambient option when less light is required. You can also choose to add additional overhead light with a ceiling fan.

#4 – Track Lighting

In the photo below, you will see a screened porch design, which includes track lighting mounted above the fireplace, in addition to recessed and ceiling fan lighting. This is a nice option for highlighting your fireplace façade, or even an art piece that is mounted above the fireplace. In this case, the homeowners chose to have a TV mounted, which is the most popular use for a porch fireplace.

Track focal lighting above screened porch fireplace

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#5 – Outdoor Wall Lighting

This screened porch features an outdoor wall-mounted light, suited to the homeowners’ desired aesthetic. We can incorporate your existing outdoor lighting into your porch design and add to it if you require more lighting. In this photo, you will also notice that this porch is outfitted to include lighting via table lamp. Archadeck of Kansas City will plan your electrical outlets based on your desired furniture layout, so a lamp may be plugged in precisely where it will be used.

Wall-mounted outdoor porch light and lamp

#6 – Chandelier Lighting

This screened porch design also includes a few lighting options. In the outdoor sitting area, you will find recessed lighting above the Ipe hardwood fireplace façade. In the dining area of the screened porch, we made an accommodation for a decorative chandelier to be hung over the table. Archadeck of Kansas City can create lighting solutions for any and every living space that you intend to create on your screened porch, each having its own function and design aesthetic.

lighting ideas for screened porch

Screened porch with chandelier lighting

#7 – Sconce Lighting

The porch below includes a substantial chandelier light fixture and smaller sconce lights placed on the stone fireplace façade. This award-winning screened porch design also includes an open beam ceiling with lap-style, tongue and groove ceiling application. You will also notice that the porch is equipped with surround sound, which is another example of Archadeck of Kansas City’s attention to every design detail for ultimate usability.

lighting ideas for screened porch

Sconce lighting on screened porch fireplace

No matter your need for screened porch lighting, Archadeck of Kansas City can help you light it up! Get in touch with our award-winning Design Consultants for a custom screened porch design consultation by calling (913) 704-6240 or emailing