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Why are my building quotes different?

It is not uncommon for our clients to solicit more than one quote for their building project. What if the two quotes you get are vastly different?

Archadeck of Kansas City owner, Dan Hall, notes that if two companies are quoting like projects and like materials, the quotes will be similar in price. If you are holding two bids for the same project, which are far different in price, then you are not being quoted the same things. When it comes to building a custom outdoor living space, shape and size are not the only factors that affect cost. There are so many ways to build a custom porch or deck. Do you really know what your separate project quotes are for?

outdoor build

Open porch design in Lee’s Summit MO

Why Your Building Quotes Might Be Different

Dan has often acted on behalf of potential clients in a consulting role, to help them identify areas where his and another company’s quotes differ. He is happy to compare and contrast quotes, without asking for the competitor’s company name. Because Archadeck of Kansas City outdoor living projects include many finishes and accessories that homeowners do not consider when soliciting the other quote, these often account for varied pricing. Does the competitor’s quote include trimmed columns? Are electrical installation and lighting fixtures listed therein? Does your second quote include a finished ceiling? What is the porch screening system quoted? Pointing out various items that were not quoted, or where lesser products were specified helps Dan explain that not all building bids are apples to apples comparisons. This is not to justify higher costs, but to educate clients before they choose their builder – because again, there are so many possibilities in customizing a deck or porch design.

outdoor image porch design

Porch with finished ceiling, electrical, and premium PetScreen in Olathe KS

A Tale of Two Quotes

Dan once visited a client’s home to provide custom building design consultation, which he followed up with a quote for the project. When Archadeck’s final cost came in at $90K and the competing bid was only $60K, the homeowners asked for Dan’s assistance in determining why there was such disparity. He went over each quote, line-by-line, highlighting items that were not included on the competing bid. When the homeowner asked that company to re-price their project to include the missing items, their final cost came back at $88K.

custom deck and screened porch

Custom deck and screen porch design in Olathe KS

Avoiding Sticker Shock

Dan uses an apt car shopping analogy regarding custom outdoor building price variations. How many times have you seen a car commercial that says the car you want is $20K, only to arrive at the dealership to see all sticker prices are $30K? As consumers, we automatically register that the higher price denotes a model of the $20K car, which has more luxury amenities. Dan notes, “Something costs more than nothing.” It all comes down to whether you choose a base or luxury model. The same thought process can be applied to deck and porch building projects. Dan is happy to help you go over the fine print on your proposal to show you the upgrades that were left un-quoted.

How to Arrive at Your Best Final Building Quote

Today, it is quite easy to show explicit examples of porch or deck design details, which you would like to include in your project. Having photo references, product types, and other notable amenities included in your initial conversation with Archadeck of Kansas City will help us provide the best quote. While Pinterest is the leading website for design inspiration, it is important to know that many of those projects are very elaborate and expensive. This is not to say that we cannot build an elaborate porch or deck design. We just like for our clients to be prepared when using Pinterest for design and finishes inspiration. Dan is also happy to quote two versions of your project. One quote can be for your ultimate vision for your new outdoor living space, and the other for a simpler version – notice, the term “lesser” was not used here. No matter your choice, your Archadeck of Kansas City outdoor living space will be built with high-quality products and top-notch craftsmanship.

custom porch
Custom porch design in Lee’s Summit by Archadeck

Having been a custom outdoor living designer and builder in the Kansas City area since 2001, Archadeck knows that clients are in search of the best price for the best materials, and a company with an exemplary reputation. With Archadeck of Kansas City, rest assured that we will work to meet all those criteria for your outdoor building project.

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If you are looking for a custom outdoor builder in the Kansas City area, Archadeck of Kansas City wants to be your first choice. Get in touch with our award-winning Design Consultants for a design consultation by calling 913-851-3325 or emailing