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How much value will a screened porch retain?

Even if you are not planning to sell your home, it is still important to understand the value of your screened porch investment.

In years past, we have provided return on investment information offered by the annual Cost vs. Value report. The difference this year – well, is anything regarding home improvement and selling adhering to typical standards over the last year? Not at all! According to, U.S. home prices are up nearly 16% year-over-year. Days on the market? It is more like hours on the market so far in 2021. Home inventory is down, and screened porches are trending. If you are considering adding a screened porch to your home, read on!

How much value will a screened porch retainOlathe KS screened porch

How valuable is a screened porch addition?

Archadeck of Kansas City owner, Dan Hall, recently came across a publication, which noted that homeowners can expect an 87% ROI on their screened porch. According to one local REALTOR® he has spoken with, building a new screened porch onto your home in the Kansas City market could give you a 100% return on your investment right now. Home buyers are digging deep and paying more for homes than ever before. If you have been keeping up with your own home’s rising value over the last year, you should know that now is a fantastic time to invest in improvements. If you invest $45,000 in a screened porch this year, selling trends remain the same, and home values continue to increase even 15%, your porch will be worth $51,750 next year. This is important, even if you do not plan to sell next year. We never know when a life change will come our way, which has us selling the home we planned to live in forever.

How much value will a screened porch retainLee’s Summit MO screened porch

What else is driving the screened porch trend?

Not too many years ago, small outdoor living spaces were usually included with new home construction. This would equate to a small concrete patio or a standard pressure-treated wood deck. Then, we saw a trend of more functional spaces being included in the typical new home community. New homes no longer had only a simple deck or patio, but a covered deck or patio. Here in 2021, new home communities are popping up with screened porches. Buyers’ needs have changed over the last year, with more usable outdoor living spaces being high on the list of requirements – because if nothing else, we have all learned about where our homes are lacking, having spent more time than ever there.

What kind of value can you get out of a new screened porch?

Like any improvement to your home, the personal value gained will not be calculated by the amount of money you spend. Sure, you can add luxury amenities by expanding your budget, but a porch does not have to be elaborate to fulfill your specific needs. With Archadeck of Kansas City, it is all about planning your screened porch to facilitate your favorite at-home activities (or non-activities). Archadeck’s award-winning outdoor living designers are well-versed in creating spaces that fit our clients’ lifestyles. Each screened porch design begins with a list of needs. Need a spot to take in fresh air, or to step away from your home office for an hour in the afternoon? Are you looking for a porch to host outdoor parties? Would you like to give the kids a great space to spend time watching movies and playing games with their friends? How about a dine-in space for Sunday brunch? Our clients use their screened porches for all these things and so much more! The value your porch will provide your family will be up to you.

How much value will a screened porch retainScreened porch in Prairie Village KS

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