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Are Patio Covers Worth It?

Are Patio Covers Worth It?

Would covering your patio, or building a covered patio be worth your investment? How do you know what is right for you?

Many of our clients choose to build covered outdoor living spaces. Adding a patio cover or building a covered patio can offer tons of value-added outdoor living benefits. A covered space brings style and better (and perhaps more frequent) use of your backyard living space.

Are patio covers worth it?

Determining which outdoor living design is right for you is at the heart of what we do at Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills. Our experienced design team can home in on your specific needs to help you understand whether a patio cover is the right investment for your situation.

Kinds of Patio Covers

Covered patios come in all shapes, sizes, and orientations, and are constructed for just about any outdoor living use you can dream up. There are different types of patio covers, which can improve the aesthetic of your backyard, but additionally can become an integral part of the way you enjoy your home. For many, the investment into a covered patio is not as much about the ROI as it is about adding outdoor living pleasure.

kinds of patio covers

These are the type of patio covers we build:

  • Traditional custom wood pergolas
  • Aluminum pergolas with remote controlled, adjustable louvers
  • Pergolas with a Hercules System pergola roof
  • Complete patio roof extensions
  • Patios that are covered by second story decks

How do you cover an existing deck?

A deck, which is built without a cover, would most probably not have the proper structural integrity to support a pergola or roof addition. In certain cases, where homeowners want to build in phases – a deck this year, a roof next year – the required deck structure can be implemented before the roof is built.

How do you cover an existing deck?

Either a pergola or a roof extension could greatly improve the way you use your deck. You must convene with a building contractor, who can ascertain whether covering your existing deck is possible.

Trust Archadeck with your patio cover construction.

Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills’ team of Design Consultants and building contractors is well-versed in patio cover construction, as well as full-scale covered patio projects. Allow us to guide you through the perfect patio cover, complete covered patio, or covered deck project throughout the Denver Metro area, including:

Search for patio cover builders near me and choose Archadeck for a custom design that meets all your needs.

Call (720) 704-1556 or fill out this form to schedule a complimentary outdoor living design consultation with Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills.

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