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What do you call a patio cover?

Why do patio roofs and covers have so many names? A covered patio can be called by different names, depending on where you live.

No matter what you call it, Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills can build it! A well-designed patio or deck provides the perfect space for outdoor gatherings, relaxation, and enjoyment of nature. To make the most of your patio, it's essential to have adequate protection from the elements. That's where a patio roof cover comes in. But why do patio roof covers go by so many names?


Gable patio cover by Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills

What is a Patio Cover?

A patio cover can be a versatile and essential backyard addition. Its primary purpose is to provide shade and protection for your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities even in inclement weather. By installing a patio roof cover, you create a comfortable and sheltered area where you can relax, dine, entertain guests, or simply unwind. Whether it's shielding you from the intense sun or keeping you dry during a light rain shower, a patio roof cover enhances the functionality of your patio and extends your outdoor living season.


Open gable patio cover by Archadeck

Patio Covers Are Often Called by Other Names Too

The term patio roof or patio cover can encompass a variety of structure types, offering partial or full protection from the elements. Patio roof covers are also known by a few different names, depending on where you live.

These structures and names include:

Whether you desire the elegance of a pergola, the sheltered charm of a porch roof/deck roof, Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills has the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our experienced design team can create a space that perfectly complements your home and lifestyle.


Gable porch roof by Archadeck

Add Elegance and Style to Your Outdoor Space with a Custom Pergola

A pergola is a visually striking and versatile outdoor structure that adds elegance and style to your outdoor space. It consists of vertical posts or columns, typically supporting an open roof framework. Pergolas provide partial shade, allowing filtered sunlight to pass through the interlaced beams or rafters. They create a sense of intimacy and define an outdoor area, making it ideal for a dining space, seating area, or as a focal point in your backyard. Pergolas also serve as a framework for climbing plants, such as vines or flowers, adding natural beauty and a touch of serenity to your outdoor oasis.


Pergola by Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills

A Porch Roof Provides Shelter and Charm

A porch roof is designed to provide protection and charm to your porch or patio area. It is a roof structure that covers the front or back entrance of your home or can be completely detached in a backyard space of your choosing. A porch roof not only shields you from rain and sun but also adds architectural appeal and enhances the curb appeal of your home. It creates a cozy and inviting spot to relax, host guests, or enjoy a cup of coffee. A porch roof can be integrated with existing architectural elements or customized to complement your home's style and character.


Porch roof design by Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills

All-Weather Enjoyment and Outdoor Entertaining with a Deck Roof

A covered deck can become a versatile outdoor space that offers protection for year-round enjoyment. It can boast a solid roof structure that provides full coverage, shielding you from rain and intense sunlight. Additionally, a deck roof can include comfort amenities. The covered deck below features radiant heating units installed above, which will help this family enjoy their outdoor space for many more days each year.


Deck roof with installed radiant heating units by Archadeck

Paver Patio Contractors, Our Covered Patios Start from the Ground Up

Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills is ready to build your dream patio space from the ground up. We build with premium patio paver products to elevate your outdoor living space, creating a beautiful aesthetic from top to bottom and back again. What’s more, your covered paver patio doesn’t have to function as a single space, we can build an all-inclusive design with multiple living spaces – and on multiple levels.


Paver patio with hardscape walls, covered patio, and 2nd story deck by Archadeck

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Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills has the expertise to bring your vision to life, whether you are interested in a covered deck, a porch roof, or a pergola, or combination outdoor space. Contact us today and let's transform your patio into the outdoor oasis you've always dreamed of.