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Archadeck Is Drawing Circles Around The Competition With This Innovative Kendallville Expert Custom Deck Design

Strategically wrapped around the exterior of this highly creatively shaped Kendallville residence, you will notice something special – very special indeed; a brand, spanking new octagonal deck!

patio with stairs leading to deck

This Expert Custom Deck Builder Rises To The Occasion With A Stepped Up Design

When Archadeck Outdoor Living master outdoor living space designer and Archadeck franchisee, Craig Whitman, first appeared at this Kendallville IN home for the family’s complimentary design consultation, he asked the family why they asked the home builder for an octagonal shaped home.


Here is a synopsis of that first homeowner client meeting conversation.

Octagonal Homes Stand Out From Traditional Rectangular Or Square Homes Due To Their Distinctive Shape

In addition to maximizing the visual impact of the octagonal design, the family’s goal was to create a unique and eye-catching home that reflected their individual personal style.

patio with stairs leading to deck


“Another big reason,” the homeowner explained, “was to optimize the use of interior space.” The symmetrical shape allows for efficient placement of rooms and amenities, potentially reducing wasted space while maximizing functionality. It makes perfect sense to us.

Many Access Points For Fresh Air And Outdoor Living Enjoyment

The eight sides of an octagonal home can easily accommodate numerous windows and openings. The architect of this Kendallville IN home strategically positioned windows to ensure ample natural light throughout the day. This also facilitates cross-ventilation, enhancing energy efficiency and indoor comfort, and providing many entry points to their custom deck design.

deck with lounge chairs

Structurally, the octagonal shape inherently distributes building weight more evenly compared to traditional square or rectangular homes. This can result in improved structural integrity and stability, especially in areas prone to strong winds or seismic activity.

A Creative Design Solution From The Kendallville IN Expert Deck Builder

Craig Whitman’s expertise led to a beautifully creative and functional design solution that embraces the octagonal layout. After removing the deck that was originally there, the new deck construction resulted in a masterful redecking.

deck stairs leading to deck lounge

For greater functional use of the new deck, it now wraps around a larger area in the back of the home. In fact, this new deck is more than 2,000 square feet. How’s that for deluxe outdoor living possibilities?

An outdoor dining table, potted annuals, and classically designed Adirondack chairs and lounge chairs are purposely laid out around the octagonal shape for an interesting aesthetic and for varied conversation and relaxation areas.

chase lounge chair and hot tub on deck

At the far end of one of the geometric angles is a generously sized hot tub and spa nestled in an area that is well protected for privacy by mature trees – another plus. Here, we implemented a bi-level stepped-up design that allows the hot tub to be on the lower level for easier access from the rear yard landscape.

The Best Low Maintenance Deck Building Materials Are Only Good Enough For This Original Design

Knowing that this residence is intended to be the family’s forever home, we wanted to ensure that the building of the deck would stand the test of time.

Our solution? Highly sustainable, strong and weather-resistant AZEK PVC decking in Slate Gray with the accent of a Kona border was used. It’s tongue and groove design ensures a fastener-free fit between the decking boards, making it much safer and barefoot friendly.

deck walkway leading to lounge chairs and hot tub

On top of that, AZEK’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and 50-Year Fade and Stain Warranty provides peace of mind that this deck will have a good, long life, maintaining its construction integrity and beautiful looks for years to come.

A Westbury Railing And Westbury Deck Lighting Complete This Home Improvement Renovation Scenario

To protect the new deck space on all levels and at all angles, we completed the build with a Westbury railing in black. And for safer, and easier access to the deck and its environs, we also installed Westbury deck lighting.

deck walkway

Westbury railing systems often come in a range of styles, designs, and finishes. They beautifully define the perimeter of your deck and enhance its overall appearance, adding a polished and attractive look to your outdoor space.

In addition, the highest quality materials were used in the construction of the Westbury railing, which will significantly contribute to its longevity and resistance to weathering, fading, and corrosion.

table and chairs on deck

And like the AZEK decking, Westbury railings are designed to require minimal maintenance. They resist rust, rot, and deterioration, reducing the need for regular painting or staining. A win/win!

Are You Ready To Win With Archadeck?

Archadeck Outdoor Living in Kendallville is the area’s expertly skilled deck builder with more than four decades of experience in designing decks that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also consider factors like layout, functionality, and flow. They look forward to maximizing your outdoor space by designing a custom structure that complements your home's architecture, greatly enhances your life and adds significant value.

Call Craig and his professional deck building team at 855-931-4746. You can also click this link right here to connect with them.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.