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The Beauty, Richness, And Scent Of Cedar—Enjoy It All Above Your Backyard Patio Or Hardscape

Once upon a time, there was a lovely patio hardscape nestled in Twin Eagles in greater Fort Wayne, Indiana.Fort Wayne Cedar Pergola

Fortunately, the patio was in good company, being adjacent to a luxurious outdoor living and leisure landscape – an inground swimming pool, a fire feature, and a four-seater bar across from an outdoor barbecue grilling station.

Wow! What could possibly be missing, you ask?


A Pergola Shade Cover Is The Ultimate Finishing Touch To An Outdoor Backyard Patio

If you want to talk about the proverbial having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too, this is it.

Having enjoyed their existing patio and outdoor living luxuries for some time, this family thought that something was missing. After their complimentary design consultation with local owner and designer Craig Whitman with Archadeck of Fort Wayne, they figured it out.

Twin Eagles Pergola

There were some hours of the day where diffused overhead shade cover would make all the difference in the world. So Craig created a custom designed pergola to best fit the area in question, and the family LOVES it!

Homeowners Looking For Shade Appreciate The Mystique, Style, and Functionality Of A Pergola

At first glance, there is much more to a pergola than meets the eye. As a homeowner, you don’t necessarily need to know exactly how or why a pergola makes such a visual impact. If you have a pergola as part of your Fort Wayne, IN, outdoor living space, it’s alright if you take it for granted.

But it you don’t, it’s time to get with the program folks so you can have it made in the shade.

Consider one of these graceful comfort additions to your deck, patio or outdoor kitchen. Custom pergola builder Archadeck of Fort Wayne is your resource for designing and building your pergola whether your tastes are traditional or more innovative. Pergola

Fort Wayne area homeowners have discovered that a custom pergola is a perfect place to hang a ceiling fan and share an Indiana breeze when Mother Nature forgets to provide one. They appreciate shade as much as the next person, and they appreciate a breeze even more. In addition to installing a fan in your pergola, you can have a pergola wired for light fixtures to add a romantic flair at night. And better yet, add the sparkle and dazzling of festive outdoor bistro lights woven along and within the pergola’s framework. WOW!

For Maximum Shade, Consider A Pergola Cover

When Archadeck of Fort Wayne meets with you to discuss and plan your shade pergola design, we’ll ask how much shade you expect the pergola to provide. Why? Because we can increase its shade by using thicker rafters and slats. We can also add a cover over the pergola to maximize shade.

The idea of a pergola cover introduces several beautiful and practical design possibilities. A retractable canopy, or a shade cloth that filters some percentage of the sun’s UV rays, or polycarbonate sheeting – these are three types of popular pergola covers we can create just for you.

In addition to providing more shade, a customized pergola cover design can introduce another color to the scene. While pergolas are naturally decorative, when you add a brightly colored cover they can make even more of an aesthetic impact.

See And Feel What You’ve Been Missing With A Custom Shade Pergola

Click here to connect with Craig and his team of outdoor living structure experts to meet in person.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.